The flowers of Saumur, Fontevraud, Chinon, Poitiers, Amboise

Traveling to France in May is definitely a good time for flowers. Everything was in bloom, some of it already wilting again due to ongoing drought. I didn’t find as many flowers as on my trip to Costa Rica, but that’s understandable. France has a totally different ecosystem. At least Le Mans didn’t disappoint in this  department. So here are the rest of my pictures. Not a lot of lowers apparently in the other towns from our history tour. But beautiful enough to warrant their own post. Yours, Pollybert

a purple poppy @Saumur

in the abbey gardens @Fontevraud Abbey

looks like a bell flower fully in bloom @Fontevraud Abbey

The flower below is interesting. It looked like a peony at first and it was definitely the season for it. But the leaves are all wrong, they do actually look more like a poppy. See also the bud in front. Maybe it’s a hybrid of something?

can’t tell what kind of flower that is @Chinon

yellow blooms @Fontevraud Abbey

a poppy in a sea of flowers @Chinon

yellow flowers @Blossac Park Poitiers

The last flower of this trip comes the castle gardens of Amboise. The wisteria was full bloom and emitted a heady fragrance.

a wisteria in bloom @Amboise

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