The flowers of Le Mans

One would think that when you travel to France in late spring everything is full bloom. There were a lot of flowers, true enough, but already some visible signs of withering. Probably due to the hot weather and the lack of water. Nonetheless, the flowers of Le Mans were pretty enough. Lots of roses everywhere and other cultivated flowers. Le Mans is not really a place where you can find endemic plants. But I had enough of these in Costa Rica, sometimes roses in all forms and sizes are also good enough. Yours, Pollybert

a red camelia @Le Mans

white and yellow flowers @Le Mans

white roses @Le Mans

something with white flowers @Le Mans

peony @Le Mans

flower in red and white @Le Mans

soft pink tea rose @Le Mans

Pollybert surrounded by jasmine @Le Mans

it reminds me of a cake @Le Mans

an abundance of white flowers @Le Mans

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