Breakfast at Cafe 7*Stern

The moment you enter Cafe 7*Stern you feel at home. Even though my home looks nothing like this place, there is just something which makes this place really pleasant. Not sure if it’s the large windows, or the candles on the tables even in the morning, or merely the atmosphere. It’s a feel good place. Maybe that’s why Cafe 7*Stern is also a cultural meeting point for this district.

bright and airy place @Cafe 7*Stern

open kitchen concept @Cafe 7*Stern

The breakfast menu is interesting and offers dishes that are not easily available elsewhere in Vienna. Like the caramelized pink grapefruit. Definitely something I needed to try. How convenient than that ‘Das grosse 7Stern(the big breakfast) includes, beside scrambled eggs and a small bowl of granola, also said grapefruit. I got the eggs with extra bacon, which was honestly not worth the money. The breakfast was tasty and more than enough without the bacon. The bacon was weird. Maybe because it was pre-fried. Possibly in the oven?

das grosse 7Stern @Cafe 7*Stern

I enjoyed everything else though, and could have licked the granola bowl. Not because the granola was so good, but rather the yogurt with the berry sauce was excellent. The grapefruit was lovely and pre-cut. Therefore eating didn’t end in a mess. Weirdly I also liked the salad for breakfast. Overall a really enjoyable breakfast combination.

My friend ordered the oven-baked omelette with ham and cheese. He was confused at first since the omelette comes with oven tomatoes and pink feta. But that’s not an error, in this version the eggs comes with two kinds of cheese. He liked it enough, but was not overly impressed. What can I say, the color of the feta alone would have irritated me.

oven-baked omelette with pink feta @Cafe 7*Stern

I really enjoyed my breakfast at Cafe 7*Stern as obviously do countless other people. The place filled up quickly, there were people at the bar, while other shared the community table. Cafe 7*Stern has a great neighborhood atmosphere and seems to be very popular. Definitely a place I will visit again. Yours, Pollybert


Cafe 7*Stern
1070 Wien, Siebensterngasse 31
Tue-Thu: 10:00-23:00, Fri-Sat: 10:00-24:00, Sun: 10:00-18:00

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