Kompologaki restaurant

Kompologaki restaurant lies right on the main road, above the Agios Stefanos beach, and shortly before arriving in Kefalos. Best of all, it was right next to our hotel, the Maritsa studios, and therefore within walking distance. Even though we arrived late that first evening, we sat out for a drink. We ordered fried eggplant and the house wine. The wine wasn’t great, which was unusual since the house wine is always palatable. And neither was the fried eggplant.

Kompolgaki restaurant @Kefalos

fried eggplant and olives @Kompolgaki restaurant

But they had some local bottles on display and we ended up ordering one of those. This white wine then was lovely and definitely very drinkable. With it we got more olives. With the next bottle a cheese plate with jam and crackers, and again some olives. We ended up being very happy that evening, that we came back another night, this time for dinner.

excellent white wine from Kos @Kompologaki restaurant

complimentary cheese board @Kompolgaki restaurant

We ordered a couple of dishes to share and interestingly they all arrived at once. Usually it’s one after the other, but maybe because most of them were cold plates, they just brought them out together. It was also the first time that all dishes came at the same time.

dinner @Kompologaki restaurant

We ate stuffed calamari, which were filled with feta, tomato and pepper. The calamari were nice, but not super remarkable.

stuffed calamari @Kompologaki restaurant

We also got a Kefalo salad instead of our usual Greek salad. It is served with dakos (hard bread) and Kefalo cheese (feta marinated in red wine), a local specialty.  Personally the most interesting part about the salad were the marinated caper leaves on top. That was something I haven’t neither seen nor eaten.

Kefalo salad @Kompologaki restaurant

The best dish by far were the home-made dolmadakia (stuffed wine leaves). They tasted of so much more than just cooked rice. Just perfect!

Dolmadakia @ Kompologaki restaurant

The octopus in vinegar on the other hand was a disappointment, too hard and therefore a rather chewy experience.

octopus in vinegar @Kompologaki restaurant

Last but not least we had ordered tsirosalata with smoked scombri. We were not really sure what it meant, but we ended up with a smoked mackerel and some celery sticks on top. Not bad, but not great either. Rather heavy since the mackerel is a fatty fish and the dressing was oily as well.

Tsirosalata with smoked scombri @Kompologaki restaurant

We washed it all down with two bottles of the lovely white wine and then got a dessert combination to share on the house. Unfortunately it wasn’t remarkable either.

dessert combination @Kompologaki restaurant

Overall though, this was a lovely restaurant, even most dishes were just okay. The service was great and really friendly. The wine selection was excellent and I got the idea to stock up on caper leaves for home. Plus most of the terrace is covered, so you are in a good place come rain or shine. It did rain on our first evening in Kos, maybe that’s why I hold it in such great esteem. Yours, Pollybert


Kompologaki restaurant
Kampos 853 01, A. Epar.Od. Ko-Kefalou
Tel: +30 698 100 9164

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