Kos – what’s around Kefalos

After arriving on Kos we decided to get first acquainted with our corner of the island. Kefalos, the village we ended up, lies in the southwest of Kos. The nearest beach was Agios Stefanos, aptly named after the ruins of a small basilica. So while others are going for a swim, history fans can stroll around the remains of said church from the 6th century.

the remains of Agios Stefanos basilica @Kos

the ruins and Kastri island in the back @Agios Stefanos

a hidden mosaic @Agios Stefanos

Between Theologos and Tripiti beach there is a small church, very well maintained. Inside we found an ikon and small plate with sand to light candles. Agios Theologos

a small chapel between Agios Theologos and Tripiti beach @Kos

In the upper village of Kefalos stands a restored wind mill, which one can tour. The ticket included a traditional house and showed how people lived on the island of Kos in the last century. A very friendly local girl guided us through the housing area, but left us alone to explore the mill. The mill had a wooden beam which proclaimed it be from 1868. Not sure if that was only for the beam or for the mill as well. This is part of the Mylotopi restaurant.

inside a traditional house @Kefalos

kitchen area in a traditional house @Kefalos

the restored windmill @Kefalos

We inspected the windmill in detail, always an advantage to have an interested specialist at hand. Yours, Pollybert

the inner machinations of the windmill @Kefalos

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