Taverna Fytorio

Taverna Fytorio lies directly on the main road, coming from the airport in the direction of Kefalos. That might be off putting for some, but not to us. The restaurant came recommended in my guide book, so we gave it a chance. Instead of eating lunch in Kardamaina, a very touristy beach town, we headed to the Taverna Fytorio and were instantly enchanted. Underneath a naturally shaded trellis we sat down and ordered some food.

outdoor seating @Taverna Fytorio

Since it was only lunch we got a Greek salad, Dakos with tomato, feta, and olives, and a pork souvlaki. The pork was unfortunately a bit dry, but the rest was excellent.

light lunch @Taverna Fytorio

The Greek salad at the Taverna Fytorio included green peppers as well as a general amount of olives. A thick slice of feta rounded out the salad. As usual the salad didn’t come dressed, so we helped ourselves to the provided vinegar and olive oil. Very nice indeed!

Greek salad @Taverna Fytorio

Dakos is basically a slice of hard bread with tomatoes, feta, and olives. It makes sense to wait for a bit, so that the tomato juices can soak the bread. It’s a small portion and not easily shared, but once the bread softened we cut it into peaces. Dakos got marinated in the kitchen, probably also to speed up the softening process. In any case it was very tasty.

Dakos @Taverna Fytorio

Souvlaki is not something I usually order. But since we had a man with us, there would always be a little meat with the meal. Really too bad that the pork was dry, because the fries were perfect. We put the salad garnish with the Greek salad and dipped the meat into the provided tzatziki. That helped!

pork souvlaki @Taverna Fytorio

Taverna Fytorio has the disadvantage of its location right on the main road. But for the locals that made no difference and neither should it for you. Simple Greek food, lovingly prepared. The main road is not a problem at all, since most tourists just don’t come to the western side of Kos. But if you are in the area, you should stop for a bite to eat. Yours, Pollybert


Taverna Fytorio
Epar.Od. Ko-Kefalou, Iraklidis 853 01
Tel:+30 2242 051469
Mon-Sun: 08:00-20:00

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