The Fortress of Antimachia

The fortress of Antimachia lies almost in the middle of Kos. This Venetian castle from the 14th century was less than 30 minutes from Kefalos beach. We ventured there on a sunny morning, and honestly I was glad that it was still early. The heat here built up fast due to a lack of natural shade anywhere around it.

Fortress of Antimachia @Kos

The fortress looked amazing from the outside. Large and sturdy, it was built for eternity by the Knights Hospitaller of St. John. The Venetians started it in the 13th century and the Knoghts finished it in the next century, at least that what it said in the guide book.

entrance @Fortress of Antimachia

walking through the entrance gate @Fortress of Antimachia

Inside it was a lot less impressive despite the sheer size of the area. There is not much left except two churches and some cisterns.

what’s left of a church @Fortress of Antimachia

It’s the thick walls which you can only marvel at from the outside, that really give you an idea of the dimension and the grandeur of the fortress. It withstood an attack from the Ottomans in  1457, when the Turks arrived with more than 150 ships and 16.000 men. Honestly, I find that quite an achievement.

this walls and battlements @Fortress of Antimachia

endless battlement parapet @Fortress of Antimachia

entrance gate @Fortress of Antimachia

From the other side of the fortress you have a great view on the town of Kardamena and the sea beyond.

somewhere down there lies Kardamena @Fortress of Antimachia

It doesn’t really take long to visit the Fortress of Antimachia, since there isn’t much left to see except the imposing walls. Still, it gives one a great notion on what scale the Knights of Hospitallers built here. After an earthquake at the end of the 15th century, it was renovated and reinforced. Probably that’s why it is still standing. In any case, it was interesting break from the beach. Yours, Pollybert

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