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The beaches of Kos manifold and diverse. One beach I really liked was Camel beach, which had great service down at the beach, but also an excellent restaurant op top. Jenny Camel restaurant is not the one servicing the beach, that’s why we decided to give this restaurant our sun downer business, after supporting the other one through drinks all afternoon. Dinner happened after studying the menu.

terrace @Jenny Camel restaurant

sun downer @Jenny Camel restaurant

view on the sea @Jenny Camel restaurant

We got a starter of chick peas in tomato sauce with warm self-made bread. It was absolutely fabulous, especially the bread. Really a lovely start to our meal.

warm bread with chick peas @Jenny Camel restaurant

The Greek salad at Jenny Camel restaurant came with lots of onions and weirdly enough didn’t taste of much. Some tomatoes were underneath all the green stuff, but the color was oddly  different from the usual Greek salad versions.

Greek salad @Jenny Camel restaurant

We tried again Kefalo cheese, this time in grilled form. At Kompologaki restaurant we had learned that Kefalo cheese was some kind of feta soaked in wine.  At Jenny Camel restaurant it was grilled Halloumi, so it was definitely something else. Anyway, the cheese was okay but nothing special.

grilled Kefalo cheese @Jenny Camel restaurant

We shared a plate of lamb chops with really good fries. This was already the second time that I was happy with the fries. But also the lamb chops were great and it was satisfying to gnaw on the bone.

grilled lamb chops with fries @Jenny Camel restaurant

Last but not least we shared a bowl of moussaka, which had more than a hint of cinnamon in it. It wasn’t overpowering though, just felt more oriental than usual. In a good way! The cheese on top was the perfect feel good experience.

moussaka @Jenny Camel restaurant

We had a very lovely meal, all the while admiring the sea view below. For dessert the restaurant brought out a piece of cheesecake with cherry jam on top. I didn’t know that I needed it to finish this meal on a high note.

cheese cake with cherry jam @Jenny Camel restaurant

Jenny Camel restaurant is definitely recommendable! Yours, Pollybert


Jenny Camel restaurant
Epar.Od. Ko-Kefalou, Kefalos 853 01
Tel: +30 690 885 9788
Mon-Sun: 13:00-21:00

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