Zia – in search of a sunset

Since we were already in the east of Kos, after spending the day visiting Asklipieion and the town of Kos, we decided to drive to Zia, which is ‘the sunset’ destination on Kos. Not sure why though, because the sun set’s behind Kalymnos, another Greek island. The best sunset is probably at Agios Theologis all the way in the west. Here no island mares the perfect sunset.

Lagoudi Zia is a small village somewhere on the slopes of Mount Dikaios. It’s quite the climb with the car, but makes for a wonderful ride.

view over the island on the way to Zia @Kos

on the road @Zia

The village provides to parking areas for visitors. One at each end of Zia. From the size of the parking area you can get an idea how busy this place is in high season. Honestly I don’t want to be there, at least not at sunset. At least we had insider information, gathered from an Austrian lady we had met at the beach and who was currently for the tenth time on Kos.

first impression @Zia

So once we arrived we pushed ourselves with the masses through the village, which is really cute to be honest, and walked right at the first chance instead of left. We ended up at the Water mill’, a charming coffee house, for a sun downer.

still a long while until sunset @Water Mill

I can’t be sure about the food, with lots of pizza, pasta and burgers on the menu, but the beer was good and so were the olives. What I liked best though was the place itself. The ‘Water mill’ was built around 1800 and looks now like the perfect Instagram spot.

outdoor seating @Water Mill

Every nook, corner, and wall were full of knick-knack, but the overall impression was just enchanting. It was the perfect place to wait for the sunset.

at the Water Mill @Zia

waiting for sunset @Water Mill

dolphins swimming underneath a window sill @Water Mill

no need for speed @Water Mill

Eventually the sun set and we managed to watch it go down behind the aforementioned island. Not such a great spectacle after all to really make the way up to Zia. But the village is charming, despite the many tourists which are coming by bus. Yours, Pollybert

finally the sun was setting @Zia

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