Great places for coffee and other snacks around Kos

We had booked as usual our accommodation without breakfast. Since Maritsa studios in Kefalos offered no sustenance at all, we headed to Tea 4 Two on our first morning. Lots of English expats live here on the island apparently and some of them even cater to their fellow countrymen. I didn’t really need an English breakfast, but I am a sucker for a tasty cup of tea. I got the better end of the deal, since the Greek coffee brewed by English was not a big hit. The juice was freshly squeezed though, and overall Tea 4 Two is really popular with the English around here.

orange juice @Tea 4 Two

Not far from Tea 4 Two in Kefalos, but on the beach side facing the sea, you can find Mare cafe bar.  We stopped here on our first day on Kos, while still exploring Kefalos. A light lunch snack consisting of Greek salad and tzatziki helped to put us in the right vacation mode.

Greek salad and tzatziki @Mare cafe bar

Just right next to Agios Stefanos beach and with their own sun loungers and umbrellas, you can find the Taverna Katerina. We decided to stay for a sun downer. But of course ouzo without a little snack, when you already sit in a restaurant, is almost impossible. So we ordered meatballs, chick pea patties and spicy cheese. The patties were bland and forgettable, but the meatballs delicious and in combination with the spicy cheese downright fabulous.

sundowner @Taverna Katerina Kefalos

The restaurant of Theologos beach has a fantastic view and is basically the only one from which to see the sun set in the sea. But also in the morning this is great place to stop for coffee and look down onto the water. The coffee at the restaurant was so delicious that we stopped here twice on our way to Tripiti beach.

Theologos beach restaurant @Kos

fresh juice and coffee @Theologos beach restaurant

Coffee and fresh orange juice were also available at Mylotopi, the windmill café in Kefalos. From its terrace you have a great view over the village.

morning coffee and juice @Mylotopi in Kefalos

Another really nice coffee place was Fox in Pyli. We were in search of an old grave, and passed this nice looking café on the main village square. Fox has some excellent looking cakes in its glass display case, nonetheless I ordered a Banoffee pie. I mean, when do I get the chance to eat that outside of the UK? It was a bit much, but I ate all.

coffee and juice @Fox in Pyli

Banoffee pie @Fox in Pyli

My friends opted for yogurt with fruits, quite the big portion as well. The owner was very friendly and the Greek coffee tasty as usual.

yogurt with fruits @Fox in Pyli

 We actually went back to Pyli for dinner one night. We had spent all day on the eastern side of Kos, and after an underwhelming sunset in Zia we looked for a place to eat. Zia caters more to international tourists in search of pizza and past. So we ended up back on the main square in Pyli, which has two restaurants. We went to the one on the right side.

We ate goat and pork there, both were fine and tasty. The goat actually tasted like lamb. Just the rice served with it was mushy. What was really tasty though was the Briam. The dish was like a ratatouille, but spicy and with no visible tomatoes inside. Instead there were zucchini, potatoes, peppers, and onions. Really good!

Briam @Pyli

On our last day we stayed close to Kefalos, since we had already returned the car. We spent the last hours on the Agios Stefanos beach and went for a last snack to the Taverna Katerina. The best part of the meal was the local sausage. First of all a big portion and super delicious! The rest of the meal was tasty as well, except for the stuffed peppers. Yours, Pollybert

last meal in Kos @Kefalos

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