Breakfast at WIRR Bar & Restaurant

I knew WIRR more from late nights and other raucous affairs, but I hadn’t been at the bar for quite a while. Since we had such a success for breakfast at Café Europa, we decided to give WIRR Bar & Restaurant a go. Breakfast here is served until 4pm, so even the longest revelers will be on time. We on the other hand met as usual at 9pm and there were actually already some people seated.

inside @WIRR Bar & Restaurant

Their breakfast menu is extensive, with a lot of vegetarian options and interesting combos. My friend ordered the Devil’s Breakfast, which comes with baked beans with chili peppers and tomatoes, fried bacon, Chorizo, homemade potato wedges baby spinach, two poached organic eggs, chia seeds, toast, and a virgin Bloody Mary. That sounds like a really big breakfast and it was a big portion for sure. It was a bit crowded though in the small iron cast pan it arrived on the table.

The Devil’s Breakfast @WIRR Bar & Restaurant

He liked it, but mentioned that he had eaten better and worse breakfasts. So it ranged fairly in the middle. I tried the virgin Bloody Mary and it was not great. Rather a thick watery tomato juice with pulp. Sounds contradictory, but that’s how it tasted. The wedges looked like fries, maybe even homemade since unpeeled. Overall, an okay start into the day.

I felt more in the mood for a vegetarian breakfast and got the Orient. It came with two poached eggs with labneh, maple syrup, almond slices, mint and sumac, as well as pita bread with Zatar, hummus, and olives. This combination came with a herbal smoothie.

poached eggs with labneh @WIRR Bar & Restaurant

pita with Zatar and hummus @WIRR Bar & Restaurant

I didn’t like the smoothie. First of all on principle, that’s not something I usually order. And then I didn’t like the herbal taste. Also it was too fibrous. Quite weird overall. The eggs were nicely poached, but labneh was so thick and had more the consistency and taste of Mascarpone. Also the maple syrup didn’t work at all in my opinion. I ate it, but it’s definitely something I would never order again. Same goes for the pita, which was good, but the hummus not smooth enough and rather bland.

Even though the breakfast was not at all to my liking, I appreciated the creativity of the combos and the quality of the ingredients. So I won’t write off WIRR Bar & Restaurant, rather this place needs to be given another chance. Yours, Pollybert


WIRR Bar & Restaurant
1070 Wien, Burggasse 70
Tel: 0+43 1 9294050
Sun-Wed: 08:00–02:00, Thu-Sat: 08:00–04:00

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