Breakfast at Café Europa

The girl on the phone was correct, you do not need a reservation for Café Europa on a Saturday morning. The place was completely empty when we arrived and looked almost the same when we left an hour later. Probably because Café Europa, despite its coffeehouse appeal in its name, is rather a popular place in the evening. A smell of alcoholic overindulgence can be easily detected in the bathrooms, but I will spare you further details. As long as you eat first, or better yet avoid the facilities, Café Europa will make you happy.

indoor seating @Café Europa

I ordered fried eggs and an avocado bread, which was a slice of bread, cut into four pieces, with cream cheese, and a big dollop of avocado spread on top. A sprinkling of chili gave it some kick, but overall it lacked salt (or maybe I just needed that due to an overindulgence of alcohol the evening before). I do remember liberally using salt over the sandwich and the fried eggs, and then doing it all over again. The eggs arrived in almost uncooked fashion. I do hate it so much, when the egg yolk sits in a clear and wobbly substance. Who is eating eggs in such a way? The waiter was unfazed though when I asked for the eggs to fried again and when he returned they were perfect.

fried eggs @Café Europa

avocado bread @Café Europa

My friend got the breakfast sandwich, which consisted of scrambled eggs, bacon, and melted cheese. Extra jalapeños were on the side. Even though it didn’t look really inviting (at least to me), my friend loved it. Finally a breakfast where we both couldn’t find any fault with.

breakfast sandwich @Café Europa

Overall, Café Europa has a rather uncomfortable atmosphere in the morning, especially since the place stayed almost empty until we left. The food though is more than decent, and we were happy with our meal. Same goes for the service. Maybe all you need to do, is sleep a little bit longer. Yours, Pollybert


Café Europa
1070 Wien, Zollergasse 8
Tel: +43 1 5263383
Mon-Sun: 09:00-05:00

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