Dazwischen is what you can call the in between of a sandwich. So it’s kind of a cool name for sandwich shop. Even cooler is the fact that such a shop opened in Vienna. Austria is not really known for its sandwich culture. We usually just get a Leberkäsesemmel or Extrawurstsemmel mit Gurkerl at the local supermarket. Dazischen recognized the definite need of such a specialized shop and offers a variety of warm and cold sandwiches. Plus, the sandwich shop has  a large fridge with a great range of craft beer and other cold drinks.

open-faced kitchen and dining area @Dazwischen Wien

The first time I was there I ate a warm sandwich called El Cubano. In between the two sandwich halves, which is home-made on the premise, is roasted pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard. When it arrived beside the extra ordered bowl of French fries, it was hot, greasy, and full of meat. In one word, delicious! Almost too much meat for me, but who am I to complain about that. It tasted delicious, but because of its size and the amount of meat, I couldn’t finish the fries.

El Cubano @Dazwischen Wien

The second time around I had a hamburger, but ordered extra pimento cheese for the burger and a pepper aioli as a dipping sauce for my fries. This time I finished all my fries. The burger was lovely, the patty juicy, and the pimento cheese just about perfect. Best of all was that I could eat the burger with my hands and didn’t spill all over my clothes. The salad, pickles, and tomato were served on the side, but landed right away between the two bun halves. Overall a very pleasant burger.

Hamburger with extra pimento cheese @Dazwischen Wien

My friend went for the warm vegetarian option called ‘What’s Up, Doc?‘. This hot dog bun was filled with a hickory smoked carrot, vegan mayonnaise, carrot green pesto, and caramelized onions. She loved the smokey taste of the carrot and was overall very happy with her bun.

What’s up doc? @Dazwischen Wien

The other day I passed by and got a BLT with a side salad for take out. I waited a couple of minutes and then left with a freshly made sandwich for home. This is what’s so special about the Dazwischen. Everything is made on the spot and assembled after you order. And this freshness you can actually taste. I really enjoyed my experience with Dazwischen and here’s to many more in the future. Yours, Pollybert


1090 Wien, Pramergasse 21
Tel: +43 1 9257609
Email: dazwischen.vienna@gmail.com
Tue-Sat: 11:30–21:00

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