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o.m.k. 1010 is part of the Mochi group and foremost designed as a shop. But already the o.m.k. shop in the 2nd district has a dining area, so why limit a successful concept? o.m.k. 1010 has a large fridge, which gets restocked constantly, for all those busy people who are eating at their desks. For everyone else, especially the ones who have time, o.m.k. offers a small dining area that works on a strict ‘first come, first serve’ principle.

small dining area, large fridge @o.m.k. 1010

In case you catch a seat you can order your dishes at the cash register up front. Everything is freshly made on the premise. Once your food is ready your buzzer will ring, and you can pick up your food. On the evening we were there, o.m.k. 1010 was not too busy and the personnel actually took orders and served. It all depends on the situation.

My vegetarian friend got Crispy Cauliflower, a rice bowl topped with sweet and spicy cauliflower. Apparently this is her favorite. She let me try it and I have to say, it was tasty. You can’t go wrong with this one. It’s also filling, so no need to order anything else. There is a lot of rice in this bowl.

Crispy Cauliflower @o.m.k. 1010

I of course am an omnivore and got myself a spicy salmon roll, filled with cucumber and avocado, and a shiitake pomelo salad. The salmon roll was good, but it’s something that I know and it’s always tasty. Maybe not spicy enough and honestly not a big portion.

Spicy Salmon roll @o.m.k. 1010

That’s why I got the shiitake pomelo salad, which comes with peanuts and a coriander miso dressing. Honestly, that was rather boring. There was probably not enough dressing or the dressing was too bland. In any case, this salad felt as if I could not reach the bottom of the bowl. My friend had long finished her cauliflower, and I was still working on the salad. Also, she tried it, and had enough after one bite. Not sure if that should have told me something.

shiitake pomelo salad @o.m.k. 1010

Best of all was the music that evening. I even had to ask if the playlist was online. So despite o.m.k. 1010 actually being designed as a shop, the atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable enough to linger over a drink and listen to the music. Which makes it a really great design. With Mochi food you can’t go wrong, maybe overeat yourself on the spicy mayonnaise if you dine here too often. But the concept works in all their restaurants. o.m.k. 1010 is no difference. Yours, Pollybert


o.m.k. 1010
1010 Wien, Hoher Markt 2
Tel: +43 1 212364801
Email: order@omk1010.com
Mon-Sat: 11:00-21:30

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