Breakfast at Sil – coffee breakfast & more

Being back from holidays and after a long and intense work week, I really deserved a treat for breakfast on Saturday. So our way lead us directly to Sil – coffee breakfast & more, a new downtown restaurant. A reservation for 9am didn’t appear to be necessary, the place hadn’t filled up by the time we left an hour later.

upon our arrival at 9am @Sil – coffee breakfast & more

The restaurant has a sparse and industrial interior look, but still gives off an inviting feeling. I liked that we got a table far away from the other occupied table, giving us a certain privacy not often granted.

the other half of the restaurant @Sil – coffee breakfast & more

The menu is a mix of breakfast dishes, snacks, starters, mains, and desserts. Apparently everything is available throughout the day and it also seems to change every couple of weeks. I heard from friends that Sil has eggs Benedict on the menu, but that was not the case during our visit.

My friend ordered the ‘Stir Fry Steak‘, which was basically a lot of steak, bok choi, and a fried egg on top. Too bad that he disliked the bok choi, because it came with two mini greens. At least he found a willing taker for it in me. The vegetables had felt the heat of the pan only for a short while, the bok choi was still very vibrant in color and crunchy. I can’t say anything about the meat, but my friend seemed to like it. His only comment was, that it couldn’t have been a happy cow since there was quite a lot of meat for the price.

Steak Stir fry @Sil – coffee breakfast & more

I was more inclined to eat some veggies, so I ordered the ‘Asparagus‘. Grilled asparagus, two Onsen eggs, sauce Mornay, and hazelnuts. So at least I had almost eggs Benedict come to think of it. There were eggs and there was a sauce. The sauce was more like a foam and disappeared. Not over time, but rather within minutes. While talking to my friend it vanished before my eyes. The grilled asparagus was as crunchy as the bok choi and personally I found it just a tad too undercooked. The hazelnuts added a nice touch. Overall it was a good dish.

asparagus breakfast @Sil – coffee breakfast & more

We ordered bread and butter, since none of the dishes had any carbs. Just note that bread and butter are priced separately. Service was nice enough and quick. A bit weird was the dark restroom, and even weirder that no one had notified the service people about the lack of light before 10am. The glass vitrine displayed a couple of interesting sweets, maybe next time I will try one of the meringues. Yours, Pollybert


Sil – coffee breakfast & more
1010 Wien, Babenbergerstrasse 5
Tue-Sun: 09:00-18:00

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