Breakfast at Lupo – Piadina Bar & Cafe

In an area of the 5th district, where there is not much else around, one can find Lupo – Piadina Bar & Cafe. This small coffeehouse serves for breakfast mostly fried eggs in combination with different side dishes, the usual avocado toast, and a couple of sweet dishes. It doesn’t sound like much but the combination of the side dishes really makes a difference. The place is empty when we arrive at 9am, but starts to fill up half an hour later. All tables were reserved, so you might want to book ahead. There were some walk-ins though and they  managed to get a table. Therefore I am not really sure how the reservation system works.

inside @Lupo – Piadina Bar & Cafe

My friend ordered two fried eggs with bacon and a side dish of Shakshouka ratatouille , while I got the avocado toast with extra burrata and bacon. Maybe I was going a bit overboard with both extras, but I thought the combination sounded magic. Oven-roasted tomatoes, chive, and cress rounded out this healthy option.

The fried eggs, bacon, and Shakshouka combination was not the greatest hit. My friend bemoaned that the eggs were not fried enough (honestly, they looked fine to me) and that the Shakshouka was too tomatoey. It was definitely not a Shakshouka, but it wasn’t bad or anything. I like tomatoes and too me it tasted okay. The bacon was nicely fried and tasted just perfect.

fried eggs, bacon , and Shakshouka @Lupo

My avocado toast was a really big dish. As I said before I might have gone overboard with my order. But I imagined the bacon to be crumbled over the burrata. Instead I got three big slices fried to crisp perfection. The bacon was so tasty that I finished it all before I even started on my toast. The avocado toast itself was wonderful. The avocado cream was not too cold, nicely seasoned and together with the burrata just great. Not really a light breakfast, but definitely a tasty one.

avocado toast with extra burrata and bacon @Lupo

I really loved our visit to Lupo – Piadina Bar & Cafe. The food was great and service quick. I didn’t see a terrace, so that might be something you need to take into account in summer. But overall a great place for breakfast. Yours, Pollybert


Lupo – Piadina Bar & Cafe
1050 Wien, Ziegelofengasse 29
Tel: +43 1 8908643
Wed-Sun: 09:00-17:00

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