A visit to Kent – the southeast corner of England

When I had booked my flight to Gatwick I had no idea what would expect me in Kent. Had I known, I would have come a lot earlier. Number 1 on our to do list were the white cliffs of Dover. Well in advance we booked a boat trip for Dover, because the only place to really appreciate the cliffs from, is the sea. Other than that we were open for anything.

arriving in Gatwick while the Queen was still alive @England

We had booked a charming AirBnB in the middle of nowhere on top of the village shop and post office. Best of all was the typical red telephone cell in front of our apartment, which had been converted into a free library. I couldn’t withstand and took three books back home with me.

residing over the village shop and post office @Bethersden

Bethersden might be a rural village, but it has a beautiful church and a very smart breakfast place in the next village over. St Margaret’s church claims on its website that it stood at this place since a 1000 years. But I remember a plaque inside the church saying something about the 14th or 15th century. No matter how old, the church looks picturesque and really fits into the village.

St Margaret’s Church @Bethersden

Kent is known for its beautiful gardens, an impressive coastline, and a couple of castles. But there is also Canterbury, which you shouldn’t miss, and Whitstable, with a lot of smart shops and an Oyster Festival every year in July.

festive mood @Whitstable

While in the southeast we also made a slight detour further west, still on the coast and basically bordering Kent, to Hastings. The battleground beckoned with a castle and impressive historical value to any history nerd.

Also important for us was the fact that in Kent scones and clotted cream are readily available wherever you go. Charming Inns cooked up a storm and there’s more to English cuisine than fish and chips.

tea and scones @Jo’s Cafe

But best of all were the quaint villages, small boutiques, pubs, a desert stretch with a lighthouse, and the nicest people that we met along the way.

Biddenden @Kent

Exploring this corner of England was such a pleasure, don’t miss out on it. Yours, Pollybert

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