Romantic Comedy by Curtis Sittenfeld: I just loved it. Honestly, to write with such wit and precision is an art form. ‘Romantic Comedy’ helped me through two sleepless nights, one due to a very loud AC and the other due to staying at a party hostel. I loved that Sally was such a confident writer on the one hand, and then so insecure on the other. Because aren’t we all a little bit of both? In any case, it’s a wonderful book with great insights in how SNL probably functions. Hugely entertaining, a great love story and wonderful secondary characters!


The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave: The story of Owen and Hannah progresses through cutbacks. I really liked the idea that she finds out certain things about him by remembering stuff from the past. Even though there wasn’t much of a love story to read about, theirs was a big love and you can feel it all the way through the book. Because otherwise how can Hannah act the way she does, if not out of love? How she keeps it all together while learning that she knew nothing about her husband, is beyond me. Great read!


Better Than The Movies by Lynn Painter: An easy, breezy young adult book. Usually I do like my YA books to have a little bit more meat, but while on vacation an entertaining book is good enough. ‘Better than the Movies’ is definitely that. I loved the movie quotes, which started each chapter and the many song references throughout the book. A charming and amusing book, you will root for Wes and Lib as well. Really glad, that Libby finally figured it all out.


The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay: There is something heartbreaking in a story when the two main characters fall in love and make their lives better in the process. Not because they fall in love, but because they have both experienced devastating loss in spectacular fashion. Really, you don’t want to switch place with them. So when they find each other and you see how they unknowingly support each other, it’s just so perfect. What a great book and so well written!


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