What I learned in Kent

I love doing road trips. Renting a place in Kent and then going on day trips from there, might not be your idea of a road trip. To me it’s the same even though I always slept in the same place for the duration of the trip. The main purpose, to see something new every day, was achieved.

Kent was lovely, and so much more than I expected. Traveling around the southeast corner of England showed me a new site of the UK. This is definitely a  completely different world than London. So here is what I learned during my time in Kent. Yours, Pollybert

1.) Gin signs are leading you to the right place.

the right place for gin lovers @Whitstable

2.) I love the app Maps.me when I travel abroad. You can download the map before and set markers for all the places you want to see. In Kent we were using for everything. Unfortunately the app would lead us mostly through small country lanes. Which was perfect for discovering amazing Inns and other places, but not really convenient for driving quick from one place to another.

3.) You need a car if you want to be flexible and have an apartment somewhere in countryside. The apartment was perfect and I especially don’t want to miss the book swap telephone box outside of the place.

book swap @Bethersden

4.) The night sky looks so much better when there is little light pollution. My phone is definitely not doing it justice here.

night sky @Bethersden

5.) The English really know how to sell their gin.

Gin makes everything better @Rye

6.) Winged traffic in Rye. Here drivers break for seagulls.

breaking for seagulls @Rye

7.) Traveling with a friend, who likes to stop for coffee, go shopping, and is interested in history: what a wonderful combination.

Pollybert and friend @Whitstable

8.) I am definitely a big fan of scones wit clotted cream and jam. The more clotted cream the better. Even tried to make it at home. I achieved the best result by just keeping the cream for a couple of month in the fridge. If you don’t want to wait that long, try one of the recipes online.

9.) Always be flexible, because sometimes the weather changes your best laid plans.

10.) When you find something that fits you, buy it and wear it right away. Some things are just made for you!

very happy in my new dress @Whitstable

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