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‘Das Prost’ has set up its claim in a house that has been a restaurant since basically forever, or 1899 to be exact. In an area of Vienna, which is blessed with more wine taverns than restaurants, the locals are happy when they see a restaurant staying put. After a three year long renovation ‘Das Prost’ opened its doors and intends to stay for a while. The kitchen definitely recommends itself, so there shouldn’t be any troubles.

On a recent summer evening we arrived and settled down in the garden. The courtyard boasts a couple of trees, something wonderful in this growing heat. But that evening rain was threatening, which is not a problem though at ‘Das Prost’. The garden has some kind of extendible waterproof roof, which just opens when needed. So nothing keeps you from having an enjoyable evening.

aperitif in the garden @Das Prost

We started with our evening by ordering the home-made aperitif, a rosé Frizzante and peach nectar. Refreshingly light and not overly sweet, it was just what the doctor prescribed in this sweltering heat. As a starter we chose the roasted chanterelles with wild herbs and salad, as well tomato rarities with basil sorbet.

The tomato rarities included one roasted tomatoes, the rest were the usual available tomatoes with a nice dollop of intensely flavored basil sorbet and lying on a red pepper cream. I am not so sure about what the cream was exactly and honestly I would have not needed it. It gave the tomato dish more body than was needed. What it lacked though was bread with it to soak up the incredible juices. A really nice start for a summer meal.

tomato rarities @Das Prost

The chanterelles in the wild herb salad were of amazing quality. I really would like to know where you can get such small mushrooms. The ones I see at the market look nothing like these. An astonishing amount of the chanterelles hid in the salad bowl, between dill and other, to me unrecognizable, herbs and leaf salad. Nice light dressing, also a great start for a light meal.

chanterelles with wild herb salad @Das Prost

My friend ordered as a main dish a typical Austrian dish, boiled beef with roasted potatoes and tow kinds of sauces. Sometimes foreigners are not really up to the idea of boiled beef, while in my opinion this is better than a Schnitzel. The version here was delicious, because he finished it all. So the meat must have been to his liking. It definitely looked exactly as it should, with the traditional apple horseradish and chive sauces.

Schulterscherzel gekocht mit Saucen @Das Prost

For myself I got the black pudding with parsley root mash and roasted apples. The way this dish was presented was almost too nice to eat. I liked the silky mash in combination with the apples and the black pudding. Personally though, I like it when the pudding is roasted in the skin and not like here as a praline. I find that the sausage gets a bit dry this way and looks like roasted charcoal. Overall though, it was very tasty, not a hint of charcoal to be found.

black pudding @Das Prost

Even though I was already quite happy, there was a little bit wriggle room for dessert. I didn’t need much convincing to order my own apricot dumpling. Really, if well done, this is not something you want to share.

Instead of 25 minutes, as mentioned in the menu, we only waited ten. The roasted bread crumbs looked a little bit on the light side, I like them golden brown when I roast them myself. The mixture has some nuts inside, as well as a hint of cinnamon. The dumpling itself is sheer perfection. The cheese curd dough fluffy, the apricot without stone and sweet, but not too sweet. I ate it all, including the extra crumbs on the side. The dumpling alone is worth a trip to this restaurant.

apricot dumpling @Das Prost

Service was very friendly, the food delicious, and the garden a cool oasis in the hot city. The re-opening has worked well, I hope ‘Das Prost’ stays around for a long time. Yours, Pollybert


Das Prost
1230 Wien, Speisinger Straße 224
Tel: +43 677 67705032
Email: mail@dasprost.at
Mon-Fri: 17:00-23:00

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