What I learned in Brussels and Antwerp

Our trip to Brussels and Antwerp was a girls weekend, planned with lots of drinks, meeting a friend who moved away from Vienna, and overall just having a pleasant time. It was also my birthday weekend and included a fancy dinner and lunch.  So basically we enjoyed the best of Belgium, beer and food!

We did a little bit more of course than just enjoy ourselves with a glass of beer. We managed to squeeze in some sightseeing, as in let’s walk around for a bit, and took part in a free walking tour. So overall, the weekend was a success. Yours, Pollybert

1.) It’s useful to have lounge access in case you flight is delayed. Especially on your birthday!

cheers @Vienna

2.) No water comes with your coffee. You will need to order it separately.

3.) Tap water in Brussels has a slight chlorine smell and taste, so better go for the bottled one when you need it.

4.) Walking tours from locals are just better than others (eg Quentin from Ambassadors Tours).

5.) Manneken pis gets his clothing changed frequently and has its own dressing calendar. The original figure though is in a museum since it was already stolen several times.

6.) A city with a lot of walking zones is infinitely more livable than one without. Vienna really has some catching up to do.

walking area @Brussels

7.) Antwerp appears to be a popular hen/stag night destination. We met several on that one Saturday evening.

8.) Brussels waffles are oval and waffles from Liége are square.

9.) Having a reservation for a restaurant helps with the planning of your day. Furthermore I usually take great care when I look for a place to eat, so these choices were always better than what we found spontaneously.

10.) The Belgian guys like to earn their beer. No wonder they are really good at cycling as well.

popular exercise with your friends @Antwerp

11.) Antwerp had a lot of decorative art on facades. Sometimes Holy Mary,

Holy Mary on the wall @Antwerp

sometimes unholy climbers.

facade climbers @Antwerp

12.) A little lipstick always helps!

13.) Meeting friends in another city and exploring it together is just the best thing ever. It’s like getting to know the other person from a completely different angle.

lunching together @Fiera

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