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On a recent Thursday I was in the mood for a drink and a small bite to eat, so I met with a friend to check out Rinkhy Little Plates. This neighborhood place has been on my radar since a while. It seemed a good idea to visit it on their first day after taking holidays, but so thought many others. Still, we were early enough and got a small table right next to the door. The terrace was fully booked, so take Rinkhy Little Plates’ popularity into account when you go see it for yourself.

It’s small inside so the place appears full in no time, which makes for a relaxed atmosphere in my opinion. It’s just a bit weird that you’ll need to cross the open kitchen area to get to the toilet. Since there is no space to wait in the back, everyone needs to wait in front of the counter. Which adds to the ‘feeling packed’ appearance.

no one was waiting at that moment @Rinkhy Little Plates

We ordered a beer and three plates to share. Not really sure if this is the concept, but all dishes seemed liked sharing plates to me. We chose marinated anchovies, pan con tomate, and small sardines soft tacos. The menu is a mix of everything as you can see. Italy, Spain, and Mexico all on the same menu with a focus on fish.

tasty beer @Rinkhy Little Plates

The marinated anchovies were honestly a disappointment. We got the last ones, because afterwards they were sold out, and they must have been old. They tasted bitter and there was no marinate to be found. Just swimming in a deep pool of oil.

marinated anchovies @Rinkhy Little Plates

The pan con tomate fared a lot better. The bread was still warm and the tomato sauce on top was lovely. I just wish the tomato sauce would have been a bit more generous. I had it once in Valencia, and there was way more sauce on top. But whatever, the portion was nice and we loved it. Maybe because we already had waited for over an hour to get the small plates.

pan con tomate @Rinkhy Little Plates

Once we had finished our two plates the waiter was eager to clear the table. So we learned that the soft tacos with small sardines had clearly been forgotten. Funnily enough they arrived shortly thereafter. And they were worth the wait. Creamy guacamole, cilantro salsa, and small sardines are a great combination. Not easy to eat, but very good.

small sardines soft taco @Rinkhy Little Plates

Rinkhy Little Plates has a great atmosphere, which I really enjoyed. My friend wasn’t convinced and I think the toilet situation didn’t help. I have to agree with her that when you focus on small plates, then they should happen fast. I mean isn’t that all about a bite to eat while enjoying your drink? That concept doesn’t work so well here, but maybe it’s because they were overrun just back from the holidays. I am not really sure about this, though I will give them the benefit of the doubt. Will be back to check it out another time. Yours, Pollybert


Rinkhy Little Plates
1070 Wien, Zieglergasse 37
Tel: +43 1 9478798
Email: info@rinkhy.com
Mon-Fri: 11:00-15:30, 17:00-24:00, Sat: 16:00-24:00 (summer hours are different)

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