Breakfast at Goldener Papagei

The weather in summer is usually nice in Vienna, so the terrace of ‘Goldener Papagei’ was very much appreciated. The coffeehouse has a strict no-reservation policy, so we arrived early to get a table. But even when we left an hour later, there were still one or two tables available.

terrace @Goldener Papagei

The interior rooms look big as well, so it shouldn’t be a problem to find a table.

interior @Goldener Papagei

Service was quick and super friendly, so we started our breakfast with coffee in no time.

coffee @Goldener Papagei

My friend was a bit irritated with me since the ‘Goldener Papagei’ has bobo chic written right over it. He usually dislikes it when there are more vegan breakfast dishes on the menu than anything else. To be honest, he is mostly right about these kinds of places. Quite expensive and no substance. But when his Shakshuka arrived he suddenly turned quiet. He just loved it, it was that good. It was very thick and hot in the iron cast pan, but the seasoning was amazing.

Shakshuka @Goldener Papagei

I ordered the ‘Stundenei‘, some kind of Onsen egg, surrounded by a sauce Hollandaise mousse, pastrami, roasted king oyster mushrooms. Both dishes came with Öfferl bread, my favorite kind of bread. Here it was even warm. I liked my dish, but I think the onions sprinklings on top came from a box as did the sauce Hollandaise mousse. It had the distinct Thomy taste. So while I liked the bread and the dish, I still felt as if nothing had been made in the kitchen except the roasting the mushrooms and then assembling the whole dish. That’s not really something I care for.

Stundenei @Goldener Papagei

But since my friend was so happy  with his meal, and I like the area where ‘Goldener Papagei’ is located, I probably will give it another try. The menu has a bit more to try on. Yours, Pollybert


Goldener Papagei
1020 Wien, Praterstraße 17
Mon–Thu: 08:00–21:00, Fri: 08:00–22:00, Sat: 09:00–22:00, Sun: 09:00–21:00

breakfast @Goldener Papagei

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