Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston: This romance was exactly what I needed to get out of my reading slump. Just something funny, poignant, and heartwarming, while being informative. A queer romance which pulls out all the right stops to be interesting for everyone. Alex and Henry are the perfect dream team and I was rooting for them all the way from the beginning. It’s exactly the kind of book you want to read after a long non-fiction tome.


Good Girl Complex by Elle Kennedy: Usually I enjoy Elle Kennedy a lot. I loved her ‘Off-Campus‘ series, but ‘Good Girl Complex’ fell a little bit flat. That doesn’t mean though that I won’t read the other two books in the series. Mac and Cooper couldn’t be any more different, and still there is a lot the draws them to each other. Unfortunately that is not really visible to the reader. Or maybe just to me? But let’s hope that the story of Cooper’s twin is more to my liking.


Bad Girl Reputation by Elle Kennedy: Book two in series was way more to my liking. Maybe it’s all the second chance plot that appeals to me. But maybe it was that the characters of Evan and Genevieve just spoke to me more. This is the perfect summer read, entertaining with just enough substance to keep you hooked. Nothing too heavy, so you won’t break out in sweat while reading it. And now in to book three in the Avalon Bay series.


The Summer Girl by Elle Kennedy: Who would have thought that book three in a trilogy turned out to be the best one? That is more than unusual in my experience. ‘The Summer Girl’ had several laugh out loud moments and all the main characters of the previous two books return as secondary characters. Nonetheless this story is very much its own and Cassie and Tate are wonderful leads. I am very glad I kept on reading the ‘Avalon Bay’ series.


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