Is Corfu worth a trip?

Corfu was the island of choice for this summer vacation. In Greece you can basically do no wrong. Every island is beautiful, every island is different. This is what makes Greece such a wonderful destination all over again. So far I had been to Corfu twice. Once during the early ’00 years in a club and the second time on a short layover on the way to Paxos. This time I wanted to give Corfu all my attention and explore the island in more detail.

We had booked an apartment at Angeliki in Vitalades, all the way at the south western end on the island. I love a small apartment complex, with simple rooms and a kitchenette. Within walking distance from the best beach of all of Corfu, Gardenos beach,  it was the ideal place for us.

Angeliki apartments @Vitalades

Besides relaxing on the long and wide, sandy Gardenos beach, which we voted as the best beach of all of Corfu, there was much to see.

best beach of Corfu @Gardenos beach

Corfu is home of the Achilleion, a palace built by Empress Elisabeth (aka Sisi) south of Corfu town. After her untimely demise in 1896, emperor William II. of Germany bought the palace, made a couple of changes, but then visited it for the last time in 1914. Unfortunately the palace was under renovation while were on Corfu and not even the garden was open to the public. It is possible to visit the garden though during the main summer months.

Achilleion palace as seen from the street @Corfu

Corfu has also a relationship with the British. Coming under British rule during the Napoleonic wars, it was later ceded to Greece. But that’s not what I meant. Rather Prince Philipp, the husband of the late Queen Elizabeth II., was born in Corfu at Mon Repos. The estate is open to visitors.

Best of all were the gnarly olives trees everywhere, but especially the ones on the drive from the Achilleion through the enchanted forest to the salt lake Korission.

enchanted forest @Corfu

gnarly olive tree trunk @Corfu

The lake is separated only by a small strip of beach from the sea. This little piece of land sees quite a few sun bathers, at the least the first couple of meters. The further you walk, the quieter it gets.

Lake Korission @Corfu

More salt can be found on the little peninsula on the eastern side all the way in the south, on the the salt flats of Lefkimmi. The production of salt goes back already to the Byzantine era, then continued by the Venetians. It’s now a paradise for birds, since it was not profitable enough to continue with the production.

the salt flats @Lefkimmi

We found there was too much to see during one week of visit to drive all the way from the south up to the north. Therefore we concentrated on sights within our area and getting a tan. The island has lots to offer and can easily be reached by direct flights from all over Europe. Too bad that sometimes it’s so hot that you do not want to leave the beach at all to explore. Corfu really deserves you time to get to know it better. Yours, Pollybert

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