The only Woman in the Room by Marie Benedict: The story about Hedy Lamarr is an intriguing one. Already an actress in Vienna with a nude scene in the ’30s under her belt, she escaped her marriage and Hitler in 1937 to Hollywood. Most interesting though is the fact that she, together with a composer, developed a technology to guide torpedos. Unfortunately the writer doesn’t do the story justice enough. I really wished it would have gone a bit deeper. Most characters don’t even scratch the surface. This could have been a great book in better hands.


Hockey with benefits by Tijan:
I was looking for a quick and easy read. Something for the beach, with just the right amount of steam. Wow, was I in for a surprise. Mara and Cruz, who on the surface look like the ultimate chill people, had so many layers that I was more often crying than not in the second half of the book. At least the first half was exactly as I wanted. But sometimes you don’t know that you need more than just a puff piece. Excellent book and it won’t be my last from Tijan.


Between us by Mhairi McFarlane: “It was slow, but fast at the end.” Not only does it describe the end to the relationship in this book, but also the book itself. I was halfway through, when I felt something was finally happening. Usually McFarlane books enthrall me and keep me in their bubble until I gasp up for air. Not so ‘Between us’. The beginning was so slow and long-winded and the end felt so rushed. Really, I would have appreciated a little bit more meat on the second half of the book. Still, it was a good read.


Der grosse Sommer by Ewald Arenz: A summer sometimes in the ’80s. There’s no direct date in the book, but that’s the way it sounded. And that’s how it felt reading it. No cell phone, just pay phones. Always getting around on bicycles, calling on your friends and hoping they were home. Climbing the fence of the local pool at night, and getting caught. The freedom to enjoy those summer months with no obligations is palpable. Great coming of age story!


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