Best places to eat around Gardenos beach

Since we stayed in an apartment complex in the south most of the listed restaurants are in that area. We had agreed before that we would try to eat in our area as often as possible, so that everyone can drink and no driving, or as little as possible, would be needed. To get through a week in Vitalades without driving somewhere for dinner turned out to be impossible. The village has two roads leading to the beach, like a fork, and if you stay on one side, you need the car to bridge the gap. Because there is literally a gap and no bridge so to speak of, except directly at the beach.

How convenient then that one of our favorite places was the Taverna Baratos, directly overlooking Gardenos beach. Even better it was the left road, so we could walk home directly. On our first day we came for coffee and juice, but then came back later in the day for a late lunch snack. From that moment we were hooked, Taverna Baratos is a very friendly family-run business with excellent Greek cuisine.

direct view onto the sea @Taverna Baratos

To test if a restaurant is any good, we always order the same things at first. We had to make sure that Taverna Baratos was worth a re-visit. Which is totally is, since we came back three times. Always try the Greek salad, it should be from outside, otherwise the tomatoes loose all flavor, and the tzatziki. If these two dishes are perfection, then that’s already half the rent. On that first day we also got the anchovies in vinegar and taramasalata. The Greek salad and the Tzatziki were perfectly fine, but the anchovies were sheer perfection. I think I have never eaten so tender anchovies in my life.

lunch @Taverna Baratos

I think we ordered the anchovies twice more. But we also tried some other things here. Like beef with noodles and zucchini fritters. The Greek kitchen has of course a big Venetian influence in Corfu, with a hint of oriental. The beef was spiced with cinnamon and was very tender.

beef with spaghetti @Taverna Baratos

zucchini fritters @Taverna Baratos

Taverna Villa Kosta’s, aka Kosta’s Grill, has not only a wonderful view on Gardenos beach, but also great food. We shared a couple of appetizers, dolmades (stuffed wine leaves), cabbage salad instead of the usual Greek salad, and feta cheese in tomato sauce.

appetizers @Kosta’s Grill

Since it was grill restaurant we had to order some meat as well. A plate of Souvlaki and lamb chops did the trick here. Very tasty and we polished it all off.

souvlaki and lamb chops @Kosta’s Grill

We ate another at Pizza Agrotica in Vitalades. Our apartment owner recommended it, since it is run by someone from his family. It turned out though that it was a truly great experience. We had noticed the restaurant already upon our arrival, since the tables go over the street and we basically drove through the place.

terrace @Pizza Agrotica

Besides a Corfu salad with kumquat, fig, Noumboulo, and cheese, we ordered grilled oyster mushrooms, and eggplants from the oven. The mushrooms were a delight, the eggplants topped with a lot of mozarella. Nothing to complain here at all. Two different kinds of pizzas completed our meal. Yours, Pollybert

Corfu salad @Pizza Agrotica

grilled oyster mushrooms @Pizza Agrotica

eggplants hidden under lots of cheese @Pizza Agrotica

pizza @Pizza Agrotica

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