Best places to eat in the south of Corfu

Eating in Greece is always a delightful experience. Sometimes people tell me that they get bored with Greek food after a couple of days. I never understand what they are talking about, since Greece has great produce and knows how to use it. Rarely have I had a bad meal in Greece so far, although when it’s bad it rather dismal. So I am happy to report that on Corfu I had mostly great food and the restaurants featured here come all recommended. For places closer to Gardenos beach in the south, please check here.

After driving in vain to the Achilleion palace south of Corfu town, we crossed the ‘mountains’ and stopped in Pentati, which looks down on Paramonas beach.

looking down on Paramonas beach @Pentati

Here we found Angela’s taverna, a very typical Greek restaurant with an ‘open’ kitchen. The host invited us in, opened each pot and pan, and explained what he had on the menu that day.

peeking inside the pots @Angela’s taverna

It might not be up to the Austrian hygiene standards, but I love it. Nothing better than seeing everything up front. We ended up on the roof top terrace

roof top terrace @Angela’s taverna

and shared cooked vegetables from the garden, lamb in lemon sauce with oven roasted potatoes, meatballs in tomato sauce with more vegetables, grilled sardines, and an extra tzatziki. The tzatziki was super garlickly but worked well with the sardines. I loved each and every dish we had at Angela’s taverna, made most memorable with the kitchen visit.

shared lunch @Angela’s taverna

meatballs @Angela’s taverna

We visited Corfu town for a couple of hours. Instead of sightseeing we decided to share a light lunch. It’s always better to sit somewhere in the shade instead of sweltering in the heat.

lunch spot @Bougainvillea restaurant

At Bougainvillea restaurant we had a most memorable meal. We started with an arugula salad with walnuts and feta.

arugula salad @Bougainvillea restaurant

Then had a fancy Dakos salad that came here pressed in a tower with tomato jam on top.

Dakos @Bougainvillea restaurant

Best of all though was the octopus in tomato sauce. The octopus was juicy and tender and the sauce perfect with it. With some bread we scooped up the rest of the sauce and cleaned up the dish.

octopus in tomato sauce @Bougainvillea restaurant

If you stay in Corfu town, check this place out. The food was amazing. Yours, Pollybert

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