The doors of Ljubljana

Walking around Ljubljana I noticed that most doors within the pedestrian zone impressed me mostly with their portals. The doors itself, mostly brown sturdy wood, didn’t have that many details. A few had some distinct features, but most were plain. It was the portals that did all the work in Ljubljana, which looked so grand that I stopped to take a shot.

The only door that really stood out was the church door. The portal was rather simple, especially compared to other ones, but the door showed historic details of the diocese of Ljubljana with the Pope John Paul II. looking out on top. The exhibition of the door coincided with a visit of the pope. Which makes sense, otherwise what would be the point to show a pope on a door?

In any case, I like it when a mighty portal straddles a rather simple looking door. Too many details on the door would ruin the effect. Like this the portal can shine and it doesn’t really matter if the door is boring in brown.  So please enjoy these doors of Ljubljana. Yours, Pollybert

massive portal @Ljubljana

door of the Cathedral of St. Nicholas @Ljubljana

mighty portal surrounding a large door @Ljubljana

finally some color @Ljubljana

old portal, new looking door @Ljubljana

simple door @Ljubljana

another mighty portal @Ljubljana

finally a green door @Ljubljana

there is nothing behind this door @Ljubljana

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