What I learned in Ljubljana

My visit to Ljubljana marked only the second time in this beautiful country. Which is definitely not enough as I now know. After seeing Maribor in fall, it was interesting to spend time in another Slovenian city in summer. The difference can’t be more pronounced, especially since there were so many tourists. In the end though both cities have a lot in common. Large areas only for pedestrians and great food.

Even though Ljubljana is only four hours from Vienna, it is in another country and therefore is distinctly different from Austria. Here are a couple of things I have noticed and learned during my weekend trip to Ljubljana. Yours, Pollybert

1.) The pizza here has a thin crust. It might be the closeness to Italy, but whatever the reason, it was much appreciated. I do love myself a thin crust!

2.) It’s full of tourists everywhere and should therefore be avoided in summer. At least this is my take away from this August weekend. I much prefer to discover a city on my own, or close to it, without hordes of tourists.

3.) Ice cream in Ljubljana is more expensive than in Vienna. And I already thought that we are already paying a premium for this frozen experience.

4.) Slovenian TV offers lots of English channels, except maybe for the first two or three. No wonder that so many people speak English well, if there is a large program to choose from.

5.) Ljubljana has a lot of pedestrian zones and my jealousy increased manifold. Why can’t Vienna have such an abundance of pedestrian areas? Places to sit down and rest for a while without being hindered by cars?

6.) In case you forgot to buy milk, Ljubljana boasts a milk vending machine just a couple of meters from the dragon bridge away.

milk vending machine @Ljubljana

7.) The Slovenians really like their church bells. On Sunday as well as the following religious holiday the bells started to ring at 7am. For good measure this was repeated half an hour later again to make sure that everyone was awake. But even later on, bells would ring at the weirdest moments like at 20 past 10am. And not just once, but long and loud. Wonder what’s up with that?

8.) Sitting next to the water is a pleasure on a hot summer day. There is always a breeze from the water.

there is always a breeze next to the water

9.) Ljubljana has an astonishing amount of trees everywhere. Not just in parks, but dotted all over the city. It really helps with the heat. I wish Vienna had a bit more trees in the streets.

10.) The city has a zone with its own weather. Which is not only witty, but most welcome when it’s hot.

a place with different weather @Ljubljana

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