Breakfast at Oko Wien – update – permanently closed

It feels as if I had breakfast only recently at Oko Wien. And it’s true, it was at the end of summer that I went to Oko Wien for the first time. So why go again after such a short time you will ask yourself ? I am not really sure, maybe it’s because there are no other Japanese breakfast places in Vienna (at least none that I know of). Or maybe I was just in the mood for something Asian for breakfast. But in any case, here I was again at Oko Wien ordering something new.

Since the weather was already colder there was no more sitting outside in the sun. Instead we sat inside and felt the cold draft next to the window. Still, service was quick and in no time a hot coffee stood in front of me.

dining area @Oko Wien

I choose the small Onsen Bowl with extra bacon while my companion got the breakfast bowl. Both are rice based with the breakfast bowl coming with a poached egg, homemade beetroot-wasabi salmon, avocado, tomato tartar and a wasabi-mayonnaise dip. Personally I am not sure if it was so different from my bowl from the look of it. It definitely also had a portion of miso sweetcorn inside. My friend liked it though and finished it all. It’s quite the big portion and you will be full for a while with it.

breakfast bowl @Oko Wien

The small Onsen bowl came with an Onsen egg, perfectly glibbery, with sesame spinach, black salsifies in wasabi mayonnaise, tomato tartar, miso sweetcorn, spring onions, and with a lot of fried bacon on top. The bacon was definitely not fried enough, it looked pale and bland and tasted that way. The rest was good, if not really great. I mean I missed the real Asian taste. Everything was a bit on the bland side, just like the fried bacon. The tomato tartar is nothing more than diced tomatoes. A little more seasoning would go a long way here.

small Onsen bowl @OKO Wien

Overall the bowl was too big for me. There was just too much rice in the end, and with the mayonnaise salad and the bacon a rather rich dish. I wonder where I got the impression that Japanese food is light and healthy. Overall though OKO Wien is a nice enough place, if you are looking for something different. Next time tough I’ll probably come for dinner. Yours, Pollybert


OKO Wien
1080 Wien, Alser Straße 19
Tel: +43 1 295 56 56
Mon-Sat: 09:30–22:00


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