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It seems as if I’ve only recently did visited Rinkhy Little Plates  and all of a sudden its ‘big brother’ opens almost next door. Rinkhy Delikatessen Bar is definitely an upgrade from the ‘Little Plates’. There are proper tables and a larger menu. Best of all, a lot more personnel and no bathroom behind the bar.

dining room and bar @Rinkhy Delikatessen Bar

Our waiter was young and attentive and in no time took our order. We decided to get at first  Bloody Marys with a dozen oysters, Bèlon no. 3 and Pleiade Poget no. 3, and with the other dishes a glass of wine. Plans are all fine, but at Rinkhy they do not matter. I don’t think the waiter even listened to us besides taking our order. We got the oysters all right, but only one Bloody Mary  for the two of us.

a dozen oysters @Rinkhy Delikatessen Bar

Bloody Mary @Rinkhy Delikatessen Bar

what’s left of the oysters @Rinkhy Delikatessen Bar

The oysters were delicious and, from a look around, I was not the only one who thought so. I liked the bigger ones, the Pleiade Poget no. 3, better than the others. The accompanying sauces are not needed, personally I found lemon or the mignonette did the trick. The other sauces, especially the homemade vodka sauce, were too strong and overpowered the oyster completely.

Rinkhy Delikatessen Bar likes it strong, because the Bloody Mary was really spicy as well once it finally arrived. So spicy in fact that I needed the whole dinner to finish the drink. Therefore no more wine for me.

Since the table was so small we asked the waiter to bring the other dishes after the oysters. A request that was clearly ignored. The mixed preserves (olives, mushrooms, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes) arrived almost with the oysters, the roastbeef we had to send back to the kitchen due to lack of space. The mixed preserves, as seen above next to the eaten oysters, were okay. Maybe a bit on the boring side. I’ve noticed that I like things better when they are pickled. Just preserved in oil doesn’t really heighten the taste.

what we ate @Rinkhy Delikatessen Bar

When the roastbeef returned to our table, it came with a bowl of salad and some roasted bread. The bread is not included but needs to be ordered extra. When you do order bread though, some bread bread arrives. So you need to be specific about the bread you want. The one from the roast beef was fantastic and so was the meat!

roastbeef @Rinkhy Delikatessen Bar

The meat was slightly thicker cut than we usually get in restaurants and was absolutely perfect. The seasoning, the onions on top, the salad on the side, and the bread turned this roastbeef into something outstanding! Besides the oysters definitely the best thing we ate all evening.

The marinated anchovies and the pan con tomate were rather bland. I really do need to remember that even though the menu calls the anchovies marinated, they are just preserved in oil and therefore boring. Also the pan con tomate was a bit meh, missing tomato sauce and lacking salt.

marinated anchovies @Rinkhy Delikatessen Bar

pan con tomate @Rinkhy Delikatessen Bar

Last but not least we shared the organic paprika chicken stew. It arrived with little dumplings and carrots on the side. The meat came from the legs and was therefore juicy and tender. Loved the flavor and was positively surprised. A nice dish to finish the meal.

paprika chicken stew @Rinkhy Delikatessen Bar

In a nutshell Rinkhy Delikatessen Bar is a fun place if you are willing to overlook that you are just a ‘passenger’ and your wishes count for nothing. Please note as well that the online menu doesn’t correspond with the menu in the restaurant. I got to talk to the neighboring table, seating is tight here, and they took it all in stride. In their words ‘Where else can you get oysters this fresh for a bargain in Vienna?’. So there you have it, enjoy the oysters and come for the atmosphere. Rinkhy Delikatessen Bar is a fun place. Yours, Pollybert


Rinkhy Delikatessen Bar
1070 Wien, Zieglergasse 29
Tel: +43 1 9478798
Email: info@rinkhy.com
Mon-Fri: 17:00-24:00, Sat: 16:00-24:00

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