Breakfast at Bean & Water

Bean & Water is not a place you pass during a random walk through the city. Rather it takes some time and effort to get there. At least, if you do not live around the corner. It seemed busy when I called the day before to make a reservation for our usual hour at 9am on a Saturday. But when we arrived the place was empty and nobody else came in during the one hour we sat there. So you can definitely just pop in, if you are in the area.

inside @Bean & Water

The breakfast menu includes the now standard fare of Vienna, eggs Benedict and avocado toast, but also a grilled sandwich and ‘Arme Ritter‘. This is basically the same as French toast, but called by its Austrian name. Kind of endearing come to think of it, since it reminded me of my grandmother. Also the owner of Bean & Water hails from Peru according to the website.

Since it was right after the holidays (might have been the reason why no one else showed up) with an abundance of food, I opted for a light breakfast and order ‘Avocado Kiss’, a vegetarian option. I have to say that might have been a problem, otherwise I would have tried one of their sweet dishes as well. Hello croissant with pistachio cream!

Avocado Kiss‘ is a slice of Madame Crousto by Öfferl Brot topped with cottage cheese and avocado, a hard boiled organic egg, olive oil, and herbs. There were neither oil nor herbs on my Kiss, but instead some seedlings, two olives, and some salad on the side. Quality wise it seemed all good, it just wasn’t tasty enough. Maybe it was missing the olive oil and a sprinkle of extra seasoning. And I would have loved the egg to be warm, either fried or poached. Hard boiled also doesn’t add any extra flavor. It was really too bad, because it looked nice enough.

Avocado Kiss @Bean & Water

My friend is now hooked on eggs Benedict and ordered these. The eggs Benedict appeared to be kind of the same at first glance. A slice of bread between salad and olives. Of course the topping was different. According to the menu also the bread, which in this case was a slice of Leopold Capo also by Öfferl Brot. The eggs Benedict dish at Bean & Water has only one egg and should therefore be renamed. I can’t say that the look of it appealed to me and my friend wasn’t happy either. He called it boring and dry, overall not memorable.

eggs Benedict @Bean & Water

Service was friendly and quick and the coffee tasted great. So the name is definitely deserved. I really liked the quality of the products and the thought behind the concept. Maybe with a little bit more courage in the kitchen the food can be elevated to the same level as the produce. Overall though it was a pleasant experience. Yours, Pollybert


Bean & Water
1030 Wien, Steingasse 33
Tel: +43 1 997 43 85
Mon-Fri: 07:30-24:00, Sat-Sun: 008:00-24:00

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