Maybe once, maybe twice by Alison Rose Greenberg: There was a lot of promise to the story. An aspiring musician and two men, one from the past and the current best friend. But the story fell flat. Too many problems, too often a back and forth, and overall I found Maggie to be too much in her head. I don’t think I ever said, that I liked the gay best friend better than the main protagonist. Summer was honest, funny, and to the point with her comments. Maggie should take some advice from her. I cannot recommend this book.


The Golden Couple by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen:  I am notoriously weak at guessing who the had done it. Maybe, because I don’t care so much. Suspense is not my usual go-to genre. ‘The Golden Couple’ kept me guessing until the very end, with the marked difference that I was invested this time. Everybody was shady in this book and honestly, I felt as if no one was to be trusted. So many weird people and an interesting plot. Exactly what you need when you want to write this kind of book! Great read!


Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah: The friendship of ‘TullyandKate’ starts in the ’70s, when they are teenagers and keeps going strong through the decades. I loved how each era was referenced music, political events, or other world-shaking phenomena. It was fun to read about these two and how important friendship can be. Of course life pushes them in different directions, but the one constant is their tie to each other. Very moving, a lovely book!


Spitfire: A very British Lovestory by John Nichol: Who knew that reading about an old fighter plane could be so entertaining? The Spitfire is an iconic WWII plane which helped Great Britain to win its ‘Battle for Britain’. But not only then, the plane was used all over Europe, Africa, and also in the far east. I loved that there were not endless descriptions of technical details, but stories about the pilots being who flew them. They were the ones gushing what the plane could do and how they could outmaneuver the German fighters. Reading about the bravery of these men was astounding. But let’s not forget the Spitfire girls who ferried the planes from A to B. The ATA girls achieved equal pay for their service. But one and all, men and women, enjoyed flying the Spitfire with its superior qualities. Excellent book!


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