A girls weekend in Krems

The Austrian town of Krems is a wonderful destination. About 70km from Vienna it is easily reachable in an hour. The town lies along the Danube, surrounded by many vineyards. Which makes Krems an ideal location for a visit in autumn to sample the new wine.

We had planned our visit as a weekend trip and arrived on Saturday in the early afternoon. The idea was to spend the rest of the day in the spa area of our hotel and then enjoy a leisurely dinner at the hotel restaurant. But we passed what seemed to us an outdoor market with the possibility of drinks, and therefore delayed the spa visit. An excellent idea as it turned out, as there was only so much spa time we were willing to spend at the Steigenberger Hotel (nice rooms, avoid dinner and eat elsewhere in town).

Kunsthalle Krems and a private party @Krems

The gathering in front of the Kunsthalle turned out to be private, so in search of drinks we walked around the area.

looks like a alley through a church @Krems

After a well deserved beer and one more look into an open courtyard with the flood water levels on display, we headed back to the hotel for an afternoon of pampering.

sneak peak behind closed gates @Krems

flood levels from the last centuries @Krems

well deserved time out @Krems

The next morning the vineyards beckoned,

the vineyards around the Steigenberger Hotel @Krems

but not before we took ourselves to the old part of Krems for an extended sightseeing tour. Krems was first mentioned on 995, which makes the town over 1000 years old. The perfect place for a hobby historian like me.

ready for sightseeing @Krems

Krems surprised me with its wonderful old town. Some buildings definitely had a historic touch.

walking around @Krems

passage @Krems

The Piaristenkirche in Krems (or rather a church on this spot) dates back 1014 and is highly visible on top of the hill from everywhere in Krems. The oldest part of it is the west tower.

looking around the Piaristenkirche @Krems

steep streets @Krems

the perfect spot to propose @Krems

wonderful bay window @Krems

Really too bad that all shops are closed on Sunday. As much as I enjoy that when at home in Vienna, the moment I stroll around in another town in Austria, I would very much like to shop a little bit. So in Krems there was only some window shopping before we left the old town of Krems and set down for coffee. Yours, Pollybert

shopping street @Krems

leaving the old town @Krems

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