Breakfast at Liebling

Liebling has a second location in the Volkstheater, which I frequented already a couple of times. But I’ve never been to their main restaurant. In the heart of the 7th district Liebling right away proclaims itself right away as a hipster place. The long stretched coffeehouse looks shabby, with a wooden floor that has definitely seen better times, rough walls, and chipped furniture. Of course this is all vintage and exactly what the patrons of this district like.

Liebling @Wien

There is a strict no reservation policy which I appreciate. It’s quite weird nowadays that you need to reserve everywhere. When we arrived on Saturday morning Liebling was still empty, the two waitresses were smoking outside, and someone tried to get the light going in the middle room. We therefore decided to sit in the third room, far away from the door and with enough light to see what’s on the plate.

inside @Liebling

Both of us ordered eggs Benedict, one portion with bacon, the other just as it’s listed on the menu. Which meant the dish arrived on a slice of Joseph bread with avocado salsa, baby spinach leaves, two poached organic eggs, Harissa sauce Hollandaise, and herbs. The bacon came in form of a crumble.

eggs Benedict @Liebling

Unfortunately the eggs Benedict were a total miss. The bread was not toasted and was therefore cold. Which doesn’t help since everything else also felt rather cool. The sauce Hollandaise must have had a problem, because it’s more buttery than Holland and I couldn’t detect a hint of Harissa. The sauce doused the bread, which in its untoasted state soaked up everything and turned mushy. So there you have it. The dish was stodgy, wet, and cold. Overall one of my worst eggs Benedict experiences I’ve ever had. My friend loved the bacon crumble though.

Service was nice, we got water right away upon sitting down. They were also quick and attentive but there was nobody else for at least 30 minutes in the coffeehouse. I can’t say I will come back here. At least not for a while. Yours, Pollybert


1070 Wien, Zollergasse 6
Sun-Thu: 09:00-24:00, Fri-Sat: 09:00-02:00

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