The doors of Krems and Unterloiben

While walking around Krems and Unterloiben (right around the corner from Dürnstein castle), I noticed a couple of beautiful doors. Since this was planned as a weekend trip with the girls, my focus was on spending time with my friends. Therefore I only have a couple of pictures. But I do think these few are especially wonderful and that’s why I wanted to share them with you. I also smuggled a bay window in here, which I photographed from below. The details of it are stunning. Yours, Pollybert

beautiful details on this wooden door @Krems

bay window with stunning details @Krems

old wooden doors with the street number on top @Krems

garden grille with colorful door behind @Krems

big enough for a wagon to fit @Krems

note the old street number on top of the door @Krems

large metal door @Krems

almost like a sun @Unterloiben

door of the fire brigade @Unterloiben

a never used door @Unterloiben

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