A fall day in the Wachau

We had planned to spend the full weekend in Krems, but when the weather turned sunny it was time to get out of town. Because that’s the charm of the Wachau, it’s full of vineyards and apricot trees. And especially the vineyards are pretty all year long.

vineyards all around @Unterloiben

If you are wondering how we picked Unterloiben, that’s due to the Restaurant Loibnerhof-Knoll. To be honest, we just wanted to pick up some appetite before heading for a late lunch. That’s why we strolled around the countryside for a bit. The restaurant had a facade full of grapevine. It looked very inviting, but we decided nonetheless on a walk before lunch.

Restaurant Loibnerhof-Knoll @Wachau

The blue sky and the colorful leaves of fall made for a sharp contrast.

bright colors of fall @Wachau

The next house we passed had almost a Mediterranean flair with its large courtyard and many oleander plants.

walking around in Unterloiben @Wachau

Rounding another bend in the road I walked behind the others to take in the last of the flowers still in bloom.

the last rose still standing strong @Wachau

appreciating the sun in fall @Unterloiben

Unterloiben is only one small village in the Wachau. Still, it’s part of the UNESCO World Heritage Trail and you should definitely take your time while in the area. Unterloiben might not be on everyone’s list, but the restaurant should be. It’s always nice to come back to the area, last time I followed in the footsteps of Richard Lionheart. Yours, Pollybert

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