Breakfast at Zwischengang Café & Wein

Zwischengang Café & Wein is the newest addition to the Figlmüller empire, which is known for its large Schnitzel. Situated almost directly across from St. Stephan’s Cathedral, it has the perfect location for every tourist who passes through Vienna. Not that the coffeehouse itself is so imposing from the outside, rather the overlarge terrace with heaters above every table cannot be missed. Especially since said heaters were already working at 9m on a recent Saturday morning with nary a guest in sight. No wonder the climate crisis is upon us.

outdoor seating @Zwischengang Café & Wein

Once inside we passed a long bar area and then sat down at one of the many small tables. The size of the tables invites more to drinks than food, but the tableware turned out to fit.

indoor seating @Zwischengang Café & Wein

We ordered our coffee and no juice, because, besides a limited choice, the prices were more than steep. But maybe it’s the premium for the location or the usual customers. My choice of breakfast was the warm sandwich with scrambled eggs, ham, cheese, and an avocado dip on the side.

warm breakfast sandwich @Zwischengang Café & Wein

It looked like French toast with an extra omelette inside, but tasted of not much. The sandwich had a careful balance of bland and boring. Even the avocado dip couldn’t save it. There was too much egg for my taste, especially with the omelette inside. A bit more cheese, flavorful, might have helped. But the little bit, which was inside, was from the processed kind. Maybe as French toast this could be good? Overall though, quite a disappointment.

My friend ordered omelette with spinach, feta, and tomatoes. A small omelette on a small plate arrived. The omelette was unremarkable and I don’t think I heard any agreeable comment about it.

omelette with spinach, feta, and tomatoes @Zwischengang Café & Wein

What was remarkable though was his exchange with the waiter about some bread he ordered on the side. The waiter arrived with a ‘Semmel‘. At the remark that he had ordered bread, my friend was told that this was bread. The waiter was then informed that in Austria a bread roll is not the same as a slice of bread. Eventually the waiter came back with three small slices of stale bread. Later, when clearing the table, my friend told him that the bread was old. The waiter then confirmed to us that it was from the last couple of days.

Besides this interesting tidbit I also want to draw attention to the pricing. The espresso at Zwischengang Café & Wein was 3,90. Nothing remarkable about that, but the ‘Verlängerter‘ was 5,90. So for a touch up with a bit of hot water we paid 2,- extra. That’s quite a rip-off, even for this location. After this very interesting visit I can only state, that I will not be back at Zwischengang Café & Wein. There are better places in the area. Yours, Pollybert


Zwischengang Café & Wein
1010 Wien, Stephansplatz 11
Tel: +43 1 5339531
Mon-Sun: 09:00-23:00

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