Grammophon Bistro Cafe

I stumbled onto Grammophon Bistro Cafe by chance. We were looking for a meeting place near the Rabenhof Theater, which lies in a rather poor gastronomic area. Since it was also raining that evening, we decided on place as close by as possible without running the risk to end up somewhere awful. Grammophon Bistro sounded harmless and was only three minutes away.

The bistro itself is rather small, but seems to have another room in the back. I can’t be sure though, since I didn’t check. A couple of tables were busy with other theatergoers. So Grammophon Bistro Cafe might not be an insider tip.

bar @Grammophon Bistro Cafe

We ordered our drinks and while doing so noticed that the menu offered different meze. I have a love for sharing dishes and meze are the perfect snack to try with other people. We ended up ordering four dishes to share.

First up was couscous, cooked here with tomato paste to give it a red color, and mixed with parsley, spices, lemon juice, and olive oil according to the menu. It was a rather dry looking pile, but was not dry when we ate. It had actually a bit of fire in the back.

couscous @Grammophon Bistro Cafe

But that was not the only spicy dish, because we also got some ezme, which is a spicy dip. Despite the heat it had a fruity and fresh aroma. Lovely!

ezme @Grammophon Bistro Cafe

Since this one had a lot of fire as well, the olives I ordered very rather meager to cool my palate. Overall it was not too hot to eat, but I felt it in my nose.

olives @Grammophon Bistro Cafe

To fight the heat with appropriate means we ordered haydari, a yogurt with feta cheese, mint, dill, and olive oil. This was the perfect addition to our meal, not only for reducing the heat but also for dipping. It was rich and creamy, perfect in combination with the ezme.

Haydari @Grammophon Bistro Cafe

Grammophon Bistro Cafe certainly surprised me with its flavorful kitchen. Who would expected something so tasty in this culinary desert? The bistro served also nuts with the drinks, always a very welcome snack. That might be customary in Turkey and other Mediterranean countries, but definitely not in Austria. Therefore if that happens, I am always positively surprised.

We came for drinks and stayed for food. Grammophon Bistro Cafe will be my go to place, whenever I am in the area. What a lovely surprise and such tasty food. Great service as well. Yours, Pollybert


Grammophon Bistro Cafe
1030 Wien, Hainburger Strasse 64
Tel: +43 650 8207266
Mon-Thu: 16:00-24:00, Fri-Sat: 16:00-02:00

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