Breakfast at StadtCafe – update

StadtCafe has a very prominent location across from Bank Austria Kunstforum, and also a large terrace in a rather pedestrian zone. There was some morning sun on the terrace, but it moved already away while we still sat there. Probably a benefit during the summer months. The terrace invites to linger, it’s an excellent place for people watching. The last time I came here was already some years ago, so let’s see how StadtCafe fares today.

terrace @StadtCafe

On an early Saturday morning you do not need a reservation, but it did fill up fairly quickly while we sat there. Mostly tourists though seem to frequent StadtCafe. Coffee arrived promptly and was actually really good. It comes from a small roasting plant called Röstraum. Doesn’t the logo invoke Italian summer feelings?

coffee from Röstraum @StadtCafe

The breakfast is more Austrian than Italian though and includes the usual standards like eggs Benedict. We got the eggs Benedict as well as eggs Florentine. At StadtCafe the poached eggs lie on rye bread, which is a novelty, and arugula. The eggs Benedict come with Vulcano ham, an Austrian specialty. Unfortunately the cured ham was too thick and therefore not easy to cut. Furthermore its intense flavor overpowered everything else.

eggs Benedict @StadtCafe

As you can easily see there was something wrong with the sauce Hollandaise. It had a watery consistency and was rather clear. Not sure what happened in the kitchen, but that was just not okay.

The eggs Florentine didn’t fare any better. Again a slice of rye bread formed the base, with spinach and king oyster mushrooms working as a pillow for the eggs. The mushrooms were a nice addition, but the overall effect was a disappointment. The rye bread had a grainy texture and even the perfectly cooked eggs didn’t help much. The watery sauce held a lot of acidity, so all together it just didn’t taste good.

eggs Florentine @StadtCafe

What I do not understand is how a chef can send out such a sauce Hollandaise? You can see right away that something is wrong with it.

No matter though, service was nice enough and coffee was good. so maybe forgo food and just drink something. The Freyung is after all a very nice area in Vienna to relax. Yours, Pollybert


1010 Wien, Freyung 1
Tel: +43 1 205353
Mon-Sat: 08:00-24:00, Sun: 09:00-22:00

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