Eggs Benedict in Vienna (Part 7)

What can I say? Eggs Benedict are still my favorite kind of breakfast. By now I have already infected my friend with this obsession and he eats them even more often than I do. Most of the times he even let’s me try, so that I can tell all about it. Eggs Benedict have become a staple food now in the Viennese breakfast scene. If you are a breakfast place, you need to have them on the menu. So here is the latest bunch of reviews of eggs Benedict or something like it. Yours, Pollybert

Goldener Papagei: I ordered the ‘Stundenei‘, some kind of Onsen egg, surrounded by a sauce Hollandaise mousse, pastrami, and roasted king oyster mushrooms. The dish came with Öfferl bread, my favorite kind of bread. Here it was even warm. I liked my breakfast, but I think the onions sprinklings on top came from a box as did the sauce Hollandaise mousse. It had the distinct Thomy taste. So while I liked the bread and the dish, I still felt as if nothing had been made in the kitchen. Except the mushrooms maybe, and the assembling of it all. That’s not really something I care for.

Stundenei @Goldener Papagei

Das Columbus: My friend had ordered eggs Benedict, which was a really generous portion. Two slices of toasted dark bread topped with roasted ham, baby spinach leaves, two poached eggs, and a generous helping of sauce Hollandaise. My friend loved it and even tough I didn’t try it, I have to say it looked yummy.

eggs Benedict @Das Columbus

Oko Wien: The eggs Benedict come, instead on a bun, on a bed of rice with home-made cured salmon, poached spinach, and a wasabi sauce Hollandaise. I seasoned my eggs with soy sauce as recommended and actually quite liked the salmon, egg, and rice combination. Weirdly enough it was the sauce Hollandaise, which didn’t work for me. Not in a bad way, I just wouldn’t have needed it. The dish was tasty and filling, I didn’t need any lunch that day.

eggs Benedict in a different way @Oko Wien

Treu am Platzl: I ate the eggs Benedict with saffron Hollandaise, always a crowd pleaser. The eggs were perfectly poached and sat in the middle of their muffin halves. The ham underneath tasted great, and all of it was coated with a golden sauce. The sauce had a nice buttery taste, the saffron was only detectable as a hint in the back. Interestingly enough the garlic crouton on top didn’t work and shouldn’t have been there.

eggs Benedict @Treu am Platzl

Bean & Water: The eggs Benedict lay on a slice of bread between salad and olives. According to the menu the bread was a slice of Leopold Capo also by Öfferl Brot. The eggs Benedict dish at Bean & Water has only one egg and should therefore be renamed. I can’t say that the look of it appealed to me. There was little enough, and what there was soaked into the bread. Unfortunately it was dry, overall not memorable.

eggs Benedict @Bean & Water

Liebling: The eggs Benedict at Liebling arrived on a slice of Joseph bread with avocado salsa, baby spinach leaves, two poached organic eggs, Harissa sauce Hollandaise, and herbs. If you order extra bacon, it comes in form of crumbs. Unfortunately the eggs Benedict were a total miss. The bread was not toasted and was therefore cold. Which didn’t help since everything else also felt rather cool. The sauce Hollandaise must have had a problem, because it’s more buttery than Holland and I couldn’t detect a hint of Harissa. Maybe it split? The sauce doused the bread, which in its untoasted state soaked up everything and turned mushy. So there you have it. The dish was stodgy, wet, and cold. Overall one of my worst eggs Benedict experiences I’ve ever had. My friend loved the bacon crumble though.

eggs Benedict @Liebling

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