Breakfast at Kaffeeamt

When I arrived at 9am at Kaffeeamt for breakfast on Saturday the coffee shop was empty. Ten minutes later the place was full. So far that has never happened before at any other breakfast place. At some places we were even alone until we left an hour later. So Kaffeeamt seems to be extremely popular among everyone in the area, but also some Spanish tourists found their way here.

terrace @Kaffeeamt

at 9am @Kaffeeamt

at 9:10am @Kaffeeamt

There is a second room in the back with a small playground, which was completely full with young families and lots of children. Funnily enough you couldn’t hear any noise in the front room. But I guess you still need to come early or make a reservation to get a table at all.

The breakfast menu offers different choices from what is usually served in Vienna. It’s kept simple with a couple of smaller open-faced sandwiches, egg dishes, some larger sandwiches like a pastrami, but also offers the French version of grilled cheese.

We ordered our coffees and would have liked to order the rest as well, but the waitress left in a hurry. Then she never came back, so we asked the server of the coffee to take the order. He wanted to deny us but when he realized we had waited already for a bit, he took it. Unfortunately we then watched everyone else receive their food except us. The place is busy, so there might have been a mix up in the kitchen, but it was annoying.

Even more so when I got my open-faced eggplant sandwich with scrambled eggs instead of the cheese omelette I had ordered. When it finally arrived my friend had already finished his meal.

eggplant sandwich and cheese omelette @Kaffeeamt

The eggplant sandwiches were delicious, generously topped and nicely seasoned. I especially loved the roasted tomatoes, while the arugula gave it all a nice kick. The cheese omelette was a bit on the bland side, I would have wished for a sharper cheese. Or maybe more of it could have done the trick as well.

My friend had ordered a Croque Madam, which is called ‘Mach’s Madam’ at Kaffeeamt. This was a fancy grilled cheese sandwich, slathered in bechamel sauce with extra cheese, and a fried egg on top. Not the lightest of breakfasts, but definitely something that keeps you chopping wood for the rest of the day.

Mach’s Madam @Kaffeeamt

To me the Croque Madame didn’t look grilled enough. The top was milky white and I missed the usual caramelized colors. My friend enjoyed it though, especially with the egg on top. ‘Mach’s Madam’ was a yummy breakfast.

Kaffeeamt is clearly popular, but I felt as if the two service people were clearly over worked. The ordered juice was mixed with soda instead of water, the wrong eggs arrived at the table. No wonder though with the restaurant already being full from the moment Kaffeeamt opens its doors. Despite that I liked it, the service remained friendly and clearly tried their best. The  food was good enough to go back again, when I am in the area. Yours, Pollybert


1020 Wien, Schiffsamtgasse 8
Email: reservations only done though the website
Mon, Wed-Fri: 8:00–17:30; Sat-Sun: 9:00–17:30

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