Loup-Garou x Blue Lime Projects

Can I start raving about Loup-Garou x Blue Lime Projects already in the beginning? Maybe this is not the done thing, but when I enjoyed myself so much I can change the rules. Loup-Garou x Blue Lime Projects is that good.

The restaurant is tiny and has only a couple of tables inside. Since I wasn’t sure about the weather I had made a reservation for inside, but was glad to see that there was a table available on the terrace. Especially as the music inside was rather deafening.

terrace @Loup-Garou x Blue Lime Projects

My evening started with a Campari spritz while I waited for my friend and perused the short menu.

Campari spritz @Loup-Garou x Blue Lime Projects

The menu might be short, but everything sounded delicious. So it was quite hard to decide what to get. Thankfully the table next to us ordered quite a few nibbles, so we could get a glance at the size and looks of a couple of dishes. All nibbles are, as the name implies, small and easy to share. We started with ‘Beef Tartare‘ which arrived on buttery soft brioche blocks, lightly toasted, with fermented garlic, truffle mayonnaise, and cured egg yolk shavings.

Beef Tartar @Loup-Garou x Blue Lime Projects

Usually I am not a great fan of cut tartar, but this xo beef was deliciously tender and almost melting in my mouth. The buttery soft brioche, despite its toasting, was the perfect base for this composition. Definitely one of the best beef tartar I have eaten in a while!

Next up we ordered the ‘Lukes Special Olives‘, which turned out to be breaded and fried green olives served with home-made ajvar and pickles. These little taste bombs were absolutely fantastic, the ajvar provided a little sweetness, and the pickles hit strong in the acid department.

Lukes Special Olives @Loup-Garou x Blue Lime Projects

Which was a great snack with our second drink, a Negroni Fragola. As much as I liked the first sip, a hint of strawberry and sweetness, it got too much in the end, so we went back to Campari spritz for the next round.

Negroni Fragola @Loup-Garou x Blue Lime Projects

For our final savory dish we ordered ‘Langos‘, which is fried dough like a donut, only flat. That’s something I wouldn’t usually order, since here in Vienna we eat it mostly in a garlicky version. But the one at Loup-Garou x Blue Lime Projects comes with smoked trout, sour cream, dill, apple, and roe. I could wrap my head around this and gave it a try. So worth it and another winner. The mustard honey sauce on top brought it all together.

Langos @Loup-Garou x Blue Lime Projects

By then we had fallen in love with Loup-Garou x Blue Lime Projects and decided to stay for dessert as well, even though they couldn’t make us a Pornstar Martini. Instead we got their version of Espresso Martini, at Loup-Garou x Blue Lime Projects with Tequila instead of Vodka. Definitely the drink, which went down the fastest. Light and easy or so it seemed. We drank it with dessert, which we had ordered as well. Because why not eat the calories when it’s really worth it? It was some kind of angel hair with mascarpone cream and marinated strawberries.

angel hair and Espresso Martini @Loup-Garou x Blue Lime Projects

The mascarpone was not overly sweet and the strawberries had a delicious citrusy note. The golden angel hair on top gave it a nice crunch, totally lovely dessert.

But let’s not forget the olives, which were brought out with our third drink and which we polished off even after dessert. They are brined by Loup-Garou x Blue Lime Projects and taste absolutely heavenly.

Some of you might not be used to such enthusiastic ravings by me, but when a place deserves it I deliver my praise wholeheartedly. And Loup-Garou x Blue Lime Projects definitely earned every word of accolade there is. A very friendly service, excellent food and drinks, a restaurant I want to return to again and again. There’s nothing to add to that. Yours, Pollybert


Loup-Garou x Blue Lime Projects
1070 Wien, Zieglergasse 38
Email: kontakt@bluelimeprojects.at
Wed-Sat: 17:002-23:00; Sun: 13:30-18:30

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