Breakfast at OBEN Küche und Bar

At OBEN you can see Vienna from above, I am just not sure if this is the view you had in mind. OBEN, which literally means on top, really feels a long way up when you do not take the elevator. But at least you deserve your breakfast then.

on the way up @OBEN Küche und Bar

It felt almost like sitting in the clouds on this overcast Saturday, while studying the menu.

bar and dining area @OBEN Küche und Bar

OBEN Küche und Bar has a lot of breakfast combinations on offer with some extras on the side, if you do not think the combination is enough. In my case, I felt like the ‘Plant Power‘ was way too healthy, and I ordered a soft-boiled egg and butter in addition. The egg wouldn’t have been necessary, but it was really tasty. The butter was great on the sourdough baguette.

Plant Power @OBEN Küche und Bar

My breakfast included a crunchy portobello mushroom with BBQ sauce and kimchi. It was definitely crunchy, but the mushroom juicy, and overall tasty with the sauce. The kimchi was superb. Great flavor and spice level! One bhaji with a lot of fig chutney. The bhaji had lost a bit of its luster, there was almost no crunch. But the chutney was great with it. The smoked tofu should have come with bok choy and sprouts, but lay on some red beet leaves. That was the most boring part of my breakfast, it’s just not enough to cut the tofu and put it on a plate. Some seasoning would have been nice.

I enjoyed the curry-hummus with dried fig oil, this was very tasty on the baguette! The chia flaxseed pudding was also a bit on the boring side, but with the fruit salad together it was quite okay. The crudités should have come with a basil walnut pesto, but I only found olive oil at the bottom of the little glass. There was not a lot of flavor, so I went for the rest of the baguette. slathering it with butter and the home-made jam it was the perfect end of my meal. Rarely have I eaten such an interesting vegan breakfast combination, probably because I never order any. But this one at OBEN Küche und Bar was certainly delicious.

My friend ordered something simpler and went for the Canadian breakfast combination. It included scrambled eggs with crunchy bacon, butter, jam, brown toast, as well as pancakes with apple cinnamon caramel syrup. The combination is correct, but in Canada everything is usually on one plate and the syrup on the table to serve yourself. He quite enjoyed it, but would have preferred for the eggs, bacon, and toast to be warm. It didn’t come out of the fridge, but was well prepared in advance and therefore only lukewarm.

Canadian breakfast @OBEN Küche und Bar

pancakes with apple cinnamon caramel syrup @OBEN Küche und Bar

Overall though I was impressed with the quality of the food and the interesting combinations. This is a far cry from your usual eggs Benedict and avocado toast. So great to get a menu with interesting combinations, where it is hard to choose. I’ll be back for sure and will try one of the other combinations. Maybe even give it a try in the evening to see the city after dark. Yours, Pollybert


OBEN Küche und Bar
1070 Wien, Urban Loritz Platz 2A
Tel: +43 670 6012789
Mon-Wed: 10:00-22:00; Thu-Fri: 10:00-23:00; Sat: 9:00-23:00; Sun: 10:00-15:00 (Brunch)

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