On my way to Meknes

I think I slept for 12 hours, but woke up refreshed and ready to start my day. The Riad offered a wonderful breakfast with fresh orange juice, coffee, pancakes, English muffin etc.

Hamid picked me up at 9am and we were on our way to Casablanca. While going there we talked about the city and what I would see there. When I found out that only the Mosque is worthwhile to see (this has actually been confirmed by quite a lot of people), I decided to forgo it. So we went straight to Rabat and spent part if the day.
Had a great late lunch in some kind of market area. It consisted of some kind of fish, rice, French fries, the obligatory salsa and bread. It seems that they live on a steady carbohydrate diet. Don’t understand though why people are not bigger?
Afterwards went to see the garden next to the museum Ouidaia within the Kasbah and then the Hassan tower with the tomb of Mohammed V.
And on we went to Meknes where we checked in the Riad Zahraa. Found it interesting that they received an award for excellence in cleanliness. Whatever does this mean? Especially since it was already in 2011.
Never mind though, am out at the moment alone and enjoying a coffee at the town square while the muezzin is calling. Also blaring in the background is a local soccer game on tv. Interesting to note that the volume gets turned down during the call to prayer. But nobody in my restaurant headed the call.
Will have dinner in the Riad with Hamid. He told me he arranged it. Am not sure how I feel about this, but will give it a try. So far I liked the food on the street and the little places a lot.
We also agreed to have a drink on my roof top terrace. Apparently he has some whiskey and I some cognac. Will have a drink and then fall asleep. Am already exhausted from sitting in the car all day.
He also arranged for a guide tomorrow who will give me a tour of Meknes. Am looking very much forward to this.
Yours, Pollybert


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