My day in Fes

I spent yesterday walking around the Medina with my female guide Karima. Very nice to walk around with a woman, also her German was excellent. She told me little stories about the Medina and the life of women in it. Loved it and had a feeling of the stories of 1001 night, am glad nonetheless to live in Austria.
Had a very late lunch/early dinner with Hamid and his friend from the Riad Dar Cordoba.


I found the little sweet cookie interesting to be served with the soup. I saved it for after though.
We also got some beers at the supermarket and I finally enjoyed on on the roof top of the Riad last night.


Here are some impressions from Fes.




Am now waiting for Hamid to pick me up to go to Chefchaouen. We made a change of plans! Big advantage of traveling alone, we do what I want! Yours, Pollybert



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