On the way to Rio

My friend Sylvia came with the cab at 5:10 to pick me up. Had a really short night cause was at a birthday party and still had some packing to do when I came home.

In the meantime we arrived in Amsterdam and are sitting in our plane. We had the chance to change seats, were first seated 20 rows apart, but now share a row with an empty seat in the middle. And our plane is called Iguazu Falls. So we are ready to go.


We finally arrived in Rio and my friend Rod was there waiting for us. He and his girlfiend Avany brought us to the hostel which will be our home for the next couple of days. And I already know it will be my last stay in a hostel for sure! The room is small, two bunk beds in it. We share it with two strangers.
And this is the view from our window.


Also made quite a spectacle out of myself by changing on my upper bunk bed and wondered what the additional yelling and screaming was all about. Until I noticed that I was in full view of the crowd below and already made some fans.
We are going out to party now otherwise cannot make it through the night. Yours, Pollybert

PS: Back from a walk on the beach. We are definitely right in the middle of everything. Am super tired after the trip, still…the party is on. View from bed at 0:30



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