What is art?

Four girls and one brave guy met at the Albertina to enjoy some ‘very expensive paintings’ (© Yuttey) aka Matisse and the Fauves. Wednesdays the Albertina is open until 9pm and we were in the mood for some wild stuff. As we found out the wild period lasted only 3 years and the ‘wildness’ was strictly in the color choices.


Nothing racy about the paintings. Due to very strict security I have only one photo but it is enough to show you what I mean. Do you think it possible that I can paint something like this? Ok, not fair and totally presumptuous. I could never paint anything in school, and during art class was always rather reading the art books than trying my hand at painting. Also the here shown art work is from the beginning of the wild phase, a lot of the other paintings were way more intense. To be honest I wouldn’t want the majority of the paintings in my home, but one or two were downright lovely! Just to remind you, this is my humble opinion, I am not a professional art critic.

Once at the museum we used our time wisely and went to see the three other exhibitions as well that were shown at the moment. Can’t really say a lot about two of them but the third one from Baselitz was totally weird. The guy is famous for putting his paintings on the head. If you take a closer look at this one you might detect something that we almost missed were it not for the one guy who was with us. Men really have a different view on the world.


We girls were definitely interested and examined the painting in detail. Since the security in this exhibition was way more lax than on the lower floor I got a couple of shots of some of his other paintings. The horses are for my friend Cat.




Most of the paintings were called ‘untitled’ by the way which gave us the impression that the artist himself didn’t know what he was painting. But we found one with the very profound title ‘The Shadow is There, You Just Don’t See It’ which tells the viewer that basically he has no clue about the artist’s work! Yours, Pollybert



  1. Most of the paintings were called ’untitled’… priceless! i’m trying to get a good upside down look at that painting (u know, the one called untitled – ha!) but i’m not sure what i’m missing! nice post!

  2. interesting, I absolutely wanted to go and see Matisse!

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