Happy Hanukkah

Thursday was the second day of Hanukkah, the festival of light and celebrated for eight days, so still ongoing. I learned about that at the concert of the Jewish Choir of Vienna.

The concert was at the Konzerthaus in Vienna, a beautiful location for the kind of event. The hall is called Mozartsaal and is one of the smaller ones of this venue. Still, it is as beautiful as the main concert hall. See for yourself here.


I was not sure what to expect from a Choir, am not usually into something like this. But I tagged along with Cat and her family since her sister is singing with the Choir. Also it’s so nice to know one of the stars and have a personal interest in the concert. And I had heard so much about the Choir in the past that I wanted to see for myself how it is. Hanukkah was the perfect occasion for it!

The Choir was interesting mixture of old and young, men and women, while the conductor and choirmaster was one of a kind. Besides the beautiful, sometimes haunting music, we were entertained by the master himself with all kinds of stories in-between the songs. We were encouraged to buy the new CD of the Choir, heard about Jewish history and all in all just had an entertaining evening. I will definitely have to go back to another concert of the Choir since the Hanukkah evening had no solos in the program.

See the Choir below in all it’s glory, my friend is in the second row the second from the left if you are wondering. And even if you cannot see everyone close up in this picture, let me assure you, it was an evening for all senses (I was wondering if sometimes undies got thrown on stage). Yours, Pollybert


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